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Are you a business-to-business (B2B) company?

Are you looking to engage online communities and drive quality traffic to your website?

NeonDrum is your connection to your most important and influential audiences on the web.   NeonDrum is a new breed of online news release distribution service.  Our specialist service has been uniquely developed to guarantee results and ensure that your latest news and messaging can be seen, heard – and found – online by the people that matter.

We guarantee industry-leading coverage results for your story - measurably better than other newswires.

How do we do it? We do something special. We keyword-tag and manually distribute your B2B news releases to a hand-researched list of global publications, news sites, forums, social bookmarking and news aggregation sites. We maximise quality online hits for every single story and optimise pick-up by social media channels, including blogs and user-generated content (UGC) sites.

Why NeonDrum?  Benefits for corporate teams

  • Enhance your brand reputation – engage with key online audiences, create dialogue, share your latest news and success
  • Drive quality traffic to your website – harness the benefits of targeted, meaningful coverage, plus a measurable boost in natural search
  • Save time & money – cost-effectively supplement in-house capabilities with specialist expertise and guaranteed results every time
  • Engage your way – buy by unit or discounted volumes


“Working with NeonDrum on the promotion of our event has re-affirmed my faith in humanity. Their professional, diligent but most of all flexible approach to delivering total client satisfaction has been a truly uplifting experience.”

Sam Gray, Research and Enterprise Development Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University

“In my 20 years working in communication, I've never come across a product as effective as NeonDrum - every time I use the service the results exceed my already high expectations.”

Simon Bond, Innovation Centre Director, University of Bath

“I've recently come into contact with a great press release distribution service called NeonDrum. They are experts in distributing press releases online, paying particular attention to the target audiences of each story. They guarantee results, and claim to achieve better results than most other newswires.

A couple of my clients have used this service and it has generated excellent results for them. In fact one of them is now worried about using NeonDrum for their next story as they're concerned they won't be able to follow up all the leads. A nice problem to have."

Jackie Harris, Brightspark

“NeonDrum has helped us extend the reach of our news releases. Our clients are getting far greater exposure as a result of their distribution service.”

Vanessa Land, Managing Director, Devonshire Marketing Consultants Ltd

“[Using NeonDrum], our number of [event] registrations went from a moderately disappointing 49 to a very satisfying 110. Many thanks for helping to make what I hope will be a successful event.”

Eddie Murphy, Digital Communications KTN

“I trialled the NeonDrum service for one of my clients and from the start noticed a significant increase in online press coverage. As a result, we also received a request from a journalist to provide material for a full-page article about a new contract win. My client often evaluates its PR programme by Googling its name and the NeonDrum service can help to achieve consistently high rankings for the company, as well as create a broader spread of coverage and media opportunities. From an evaluation perspective, it is also really useful to receive the coverage reports after each press release is issued.”

Kimberley Gray, Freelance PR Consultant

“We were looking for a way to kick-start PR activities for clients that would complement traditional methods, but avoid costly long-term commitments. NeonDrum has been the perfect solution, enabling clients to obtain coverage for a modest investment and helping them see the benefits of a planned PR programme. NeonDrum has now become an essential part of any PR campaign”

Guy Redmill, Managing Director, Redmill Communications Ltd

“We have been using NeonDrum for more than one year. Our customers and we are delighted with the high publication rate from the press releases. Additionally we can recommend NeonDrum because of their professional service and the easy-to-use-platform.”

Nicole Körber, General Manager, good news GmbH, Germany

“I have tried other online press release distribution services in the past and found that, with them, their distribution lists were only marginally better than mine. By contrast, I was very pleasantly surprised by the extra coverage that NeonDrum achieved. Although there was some (inevitable) overlap in terms of online news outlets, I was extremely impressed at the breadth of coverage that you were able to achieve. I was impressed by the NeonDrum service. As online press release distribution goes, I feel that NeonDrum is the best I’ve come across.”

Bob Little, Senior Partner, Bob Little Press & PR

“I can confirm that our website activity went up by a factor of 3 during the announcement period, which is great to see.”

Martin Lampard, European Business Development Manager, Sital Technology Ltd

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