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Date: 3rd December 2008

ChipStart Creates New Economics for the Semiconductor Intellectual Property Market

New Sales and Marketing Channel Creates Economic Benefits for Buyers and Sellers

Palo Alto, CA., -December 3, 2008 – ChipStart, a semiconductor intellectual property distribution company, announced today the start of operations as a sales, marketing, and support channel providing new economies for the Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) market. ChipStart currently represents Dolphin Technology, Analog Bits, WideSail Technologies, TeamEDA, and Sonics Inc.

As the use of merchant market SIP continues to become a more popular choice for developing semiconductor devices, the need is also rising for more consistent delivery and support of the SIP to the licensees. With no industry standard engagement model, this has been difficult to achieve market-wide because many SIP vendors employ various methods of sales and marketing. As a result, licensees are often forced to treat each engagement as new business model, even though the SIP is being used on the same device. Licensees often incur significant additional infrastructure costs, which makes it difficult to consistently measure the value of the SIP engagements. In these economics times, when organizations are being asked to streamline operations management, the inability to quantify the value delivered in turn places pressure on the SIP vendors to make steep business concessions.

ChipStart represents a new channel that enables a more consistent engagement model to develop market-wide for SIP, so that the value of the engagements can be more readily measured and valued. “The premise we have launched the company on is delivering a win-win engagement for both SIP vendors and their customers”, says Howard Pakosh, President and CEO of ChipStart. “Since many of the SIP providers are relatively small, we can offer affordable sales representation and marketing services that enables them to reach more customers and scale very economically. For the licensees, we offer consistent presentation and commencing of the SIP engagement so that they can streamline management and gain clearer pictures of the value the engagements bring.”

ChipStart has already attracted a number of SIP vendors for representation:

“WideSail’s error correction products require an experienced sales force with the technical know-how to develop the proper customer relationships.” says Gord Harling, President and CEO of WideSail Technologies. “ChipStart provides the international presence and expertise we need to grow our business.”

“ChipStart’s knowledge of our target markets will help us to gain the penetration we are looking for. The synergy between our two companies is amazing, and we see a long term highly successful business relationship” says Guy Haas, President, TeamEDA, Inc.

ChipStart also announced office locations throughout North America and Europe:
ChipStart LLC
228 Hamilton Ave.
3rd Floor
Palo Alto
CA 94301
Tel: (650) 461-9195
Fax: (650) 798-5001

ChipStart LLC
115 George St.
Suite 146
ON L6J 0A2
Tel: (905) 634-6688
Fax: (905) 592-2048

ChipStart LLC
4 Talbots Drive
Berks SL6 4LZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1628 330196

About ChipStart

ChipStart is a semiconductor intellectual property distribution company based in Palo Alto, California. ChipStart provides sales and marketing support solutions for companies that commerce semiconductor intellectual property. For more information, see
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Media Contacts:
Howard Pakosh
(650) 461-9195

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