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Date: 21st December 2011 launches e.lifemonitor - a free iPad app for social media brand monitoring

Social media monitoring: automated tools need to be combined with human analysis

December 21st 2011 - Brand managers and senior executives can now monitor their organisation’s presence on Twitter with the launch of free iPad app e.lifeMonitor.

The app is already available for the iPad and will soon be ready for tablets using other operating systems. The app will also shortly be extended to monitor brand presence on Facebook and other social networks.

The app has been developed by, a cutting-edge market intelligence and social media monitoring company with its roots in Brazil and operations across South America, Mexico, Spain and Portugal.

Although it is a free app, e.lifeMonitor offers a distinctive dashboard with six reports: top users ranked by followers, locations, top re-tweets, top terms and daily volume charting. Users can register up to three brands and compare their tweet presence. As an option, ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ terms can be used to track sentiment.

For the decision to choose the Apple tablet has been a calculated strategy. Jairson Vitorino, chief technical officer at explains: “With no other app with this capability available in the iPad appstore, we wanted to be first. We believe that a large proportion of iPads are owned by technologically-savvy corporate managers and executives who are becoming increasingly familiar with social media.”

The free app can be found by searching for ‘social networking’ in the appstore.

Brands and social media: The importance of analysis

Software is an essential ally in monitoring social networks and the number of useful tools it provides continues to increase. Although these tools include some great graphics, real-time reporting and even automated analysis of users’ opinions about brands, many corporate social media managers can feel overwhelmed by the amount of data they receive.

“The benefits of automatic software solutions have been exaggerated,” Vitorino points out. “Marketing directors and brand managers can become frustrated with the excessive time it takes to debug the data, accurately analyse and interpret it.

“Our clients are looking to create a summary report that adds real value and enables them to make informed decisions to drive their social media strategy.” offers brands which want to know where they stand in social networks access to a group of analysts specialised in social media who provide market intelligence reports based on a proven method,’s own customised tools and their own experience and knowledge. Their reports are unique as they are based on these elements to offer an added value service.

“Our competitors are wholly focused on the tools. Those alone, without a human brain behind them, do not offer true market intelligence. That is why we offer our e.lifeMonitor tool for free – because what really matters is the service and not the tools used as a means to provide it. Software without people to make sense of the social media buzz works just like a placebo – it makes companies believe they have the means to cure social media anxiety. Data without an intelligent analysis has no positive effect on a company’s social media strategy and might end up taking them in the wrong direction,” added Jairson Vitorino.

NOTES TO EDITORS is a leading market intelligence and social media monitoring company based in Brazil and operating in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Since its creation in 2004,’s average annual growth rate has been 80% and it now has around 100 employees, 200 projects and 50 global clients from different industry sectors. has offices in Brazil, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The company uses its own technology to monitor and analyse the conversations taking place on the internet and constantly invests in research and development in order to develop new tools, technology and methodologies to analyse the social media buzz.

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