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Date: 10th January 2012

Sentry42 announces data centre and disaster recovery partnership with EBRC

Partnership with Luxembourg based data centre operation will provide geographically diverse disaster recovery positions to Sentry 42 customers

January 10th 2012 - Sentry42 has today announced that it will partner with EBRC, the Luxembourg based data centre operator, in order to be a able to provide geographically diverse disaster recovery positions to its customers.

Sentry42, the data centre colocation business of Migration Solutions, has agreed a partnership with ebrc of Luxembourg. The Sentry42 Norwich data centre opened last year and is a state-of-the-art colocation centre on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk. Boasting very high environmental credentials and one of the highest levels of security in any UK data centre, the Sentry42 site offers colocation services to customers ranging from local businesses to large multi-nationals. Through its partnership with ebrc, Sentry42 can now offer its customers a fully geographically diverse disaster recovery position in a world class data centre.

ebrc a world leader in Tier IV data centre services, has total data centre space available of 15,000m² including two certified TIER IV facilities totalling 10,000m². Ultra-high-speed connectivity ensures minimal latency for connecting the data centre to the existing EBRC ring in Luxembourg. Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director of the Sentry42 business, said “We are delighted to have secured this partnership with ebrc. ebrc is a world class operator of data centres and, together with Sentry42, we represent the highest level of service our industry can offer.”

About Sentry42:(
Sentry42 is the data centre business of Migration Solutions, the UK’s leading data centre and computer room consultancy. Sentry42 data centres benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge that has been built over many years within Migration Solutions and offers exceptional quality data centre space with very high levels of environmental efficiency to its clients. Located in regional locations, away from capital cities, Sentry42 data centres offer their clients security in the knowledge that their critical data is located away from the risks of terrorism and other disruption associated with capital cities, away from the inevitably high cost prime real estate and in locations that are secure, whilst providing a very high quality of service.

About ebrc:
ebrc is seen as a long-term partner and guarantees a unique “one-stop-shop” for resilience services, promoting Luxembourg as the “Capital of Business Resilience” in the centre of Europe.
Since its foundation in 2000, ebrc has kept offering state-of-the-art Data Centres, Colocation and IT agile Managed Services solutions, providing national & international clients with a comprehensive set of services in Business Resilience.

PFS, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 14001, Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI-DSS) and based on its world-class global offer, “Resilience as a Service”, ebrc is nationally and internationally awarded.

Media Contact:
Alex Rabbetts,
Migration Solution,
Email: alex.rabbetts[at]migrationsolutions[dot]com

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