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Date: 1st February 2012

Libelium announces e-Learning Platform for ZigBee sensor networks

New e-Learning platform enables system integrators worldwide to accelerate time to market for ZigBee sensor network projects and applications

Zaragoza, Spain – February 1st, 2012 – Libelium, a technology leader in wireless sensor solutions for Smart Cities, announces its e-Learning platform. The new training and support capability provides a highly interactive service for system integrators who need to develop and deploy wireless sensor networks in a short timeframe. The platform enables Libelium to efficiently deliver training and support services to their growing worldwide customer base.

With wireless sensor network integrators facing intense time to market pressure, it is important that the adoption of latest sensor node and mesh router technologies is as rapid as possible. Commonly encountered engineering issues include configuring the ZigBee network or connecting sensors to the Waspmote board.

Libelium’s CTO David Gascón says, “Our sensor platform is extremely easy to use and deploy, however, clients generally appreciate additional services”. He explains, “With the e-Learning platform, we are able to solve the client’s issues as rapidly as possible thus avoiding delays to the development schedule”. The e-Learning facility provides all the interactivity that would be available in a physical classroom or with an on-site visit. It is therefore suitable for both providing engineer-to-engineer customer support and issue resolution and for either public or customised training courses. David Gascón adds, “With a rapidly growing customer base in over 45 countries, Libelium is committed to enabling our customers to deploy networks with our sensor nodes and ZigBee gateways as smoothly as possible”.

Typical customer issues are easily solved by webinars with webcam and voice interaction between participants. In addition, source code files can be shared within a session enabling the teacher to modify and correct the code of the students in real time. Users can also communicate publicly or privately and can even assign control of their screens to other participants. A whiteboard facility enables drawings to be made which is especially useful when defining the topology of the sensor network.

The e-Learning platform complements existing ways of supporting Libelium customers. There is extensive online documentation, a user forum with 2,500 members as well as on-site and public training courses.

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About Libelium
Libelium designs and manufactures hardware and communication protocols for wireless sensor networks. The product portfolio consists of the Waspmote low power platform for creating wireless sensor networks; the Meshlium multi-tech router integrating WiFi mesh (2.4GHz - 5GHz), ZigBee, GPRS, GPS and Bluetooth technologies

The company was founded in 2006, is privately held and is based at the European Business and Innovation Centre CEEIARAGON, Zaragoza, Spain.

For more information call +34 976 54 74 92 or visit

About Waspmote
Waspmote is a modular platform for building wireless sensor networks. The platform comprises: the Waspmote board with microcontroller, memory, battery, accelerometer and sockets for add-on modules; open source API and compiler; a range of ZigBee wireless communication modules offering a choice of protocol versions, radio frequency and range (up to 12 km); wireless modules supporting Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS; and a wide variety of sensor boards enabling the measurement of gases, physical events, agricultural & smart metering parameters. It has outstanding power management - an unprecedented 0.7 microamperes is required in hibernate mode. It supports over the air (OTA) programming. Waspmote is CE, FCC and IC certified.

For Waspmote platform details visit

Media Contact:
David Gascón
CTO Libelium
Tel: +34 976 54 74 92
e-mail: d.gascon[at]libelium[dot]com

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