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Date: 2nd February 2012

HotelSweep harnesses innovative Information Extraction Technology, making it easier to find cheaper and better deals online

New Website for UK hotel searching makes it easier and faster to access a wide range of establishments

Cambridge, United Kingdom – 2nd February 2012: With increasing competition in the online hotel search market, Cambridge-based HotelSweep is hoping to make its mark by using innovative information extraction technology to deliver a better user experience with greater speed, accuracy, search depth and diversity. is a pricing web site which features a very high number of small hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs that are often missed by established search services dominated by the major traditional hotel chains.

“The user experience is everything and while HotelSweep covers the large hotel groups we provide a much more balanced search so that consumers are more likely to find a cheaper, better value room, simply through a superior diversity of results,” said Chris Doman, founder and co-developer of HotelSweep.

The vast majority of small hotels in the UK save their best rates for their own websites and are not listed on the big sites like Expedia. But many of these businesses, especially independent B&Bs, simply don't know how to increase their visibility or don’t want to pay listing fees. HotelSweep goes direct to the establishment's website, extracts the relevant data and informs the owner who has the opportunity to modify the data themselves.

"HotelSweep is a win-win solution for consumers who want a wide choice and the best prices and for independent hotel, guesthouse and B&B owners who get increased online visibility at no cost - just what the UK hotel industry needs going into 2012,” says Richard Lewis, co-developer of HotelSweep.

The hotel search market has always been competitive but new start-ups are appearing more rapidly than ever before. Newcomers to the sector include Room77 and Mobissimo, each with its own take on hotel search. Established players such as Marriott & Hilton have also joined forces to create the new booking engine in a second attempt at reaching travellers directly. And in July last year, Google introduced Hotel Finder that is growing into a serious contender in the hotel search engine market.

“Newcomers and incumbents alike need to get creative and differentiate themselves to ensure a chance of gaining and holding market share,” said Chris Doman. “A combination of a fast, simple interface with the advanced hotel 'deep search' capability that embraces small hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs is what makes HotelSweep unique in the UK market. We expect that the results to speak for themselves.”

About HotelSweep
HotelSweep is new venture that has developed a new type of hotel search engine, which directly accesses hotel websites for pricing information.

For more information, please contact
Christopher Doman or richard Lewis

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