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Date: 2nd February 2012

Writing: Getting your message across with the aid of CLS Communication's professional writers

Benefits of using the CLS Communication writing services

February 2nd 2012 - These days writing is everywhere: blogs, tweets, message texts, emails...

Most of us engage in writing many times a day. But the complexity of language can sometimes require a lot of time and thought, if we are to avoid being misunderstood.
When dealing with important texts, it’s crucial to get it just right, to get your message across exactly as you mean it. The answer is to hire a professional.

A team of highly specialised writers

That’s where we come in. Our experienced writers produce text every day that communicates clearly and precisely whatever our clients want to say, to any audience – in any language.

We’re here to make you sound good. Benefits of using our writing services:
- Clear and easy to understand
- Tailored precisely to your target audience
- In-depth industry expertise
- Cutting-edge technology
- Dedicated project management

About CLS Communication
CLS Communication is one of the largest language services providers in the world. Offices in Europe, Asia and North America give the company global flexibility round the clock. CLS’s core business is translation, writing and editing in the banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, life sciences and legal industries.

Over 600 in-house and 3,000 external language specialists write, edit and translate texts in any language. The latest technology ensures the highest levels of security and confidentiality, and CLS’s team of dedicated project managers provide exceptional client service.

Media Contact:
Daniel Funk
Tel. + 41 44 206 41 77
CLS Communication AG

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