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Date: 2nd March 2012

Movirtu introduces MXManyME Application for Android and MXplatform API for Application Developers at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona

Movirtu’s MXManyME application simplifies managing multiple mobile personas

London, UK, 2nd March 2012 – Movirtu, the leading provider of Mobile Persona Management (MPM) solutions to wireless telecommunications service providers, today announced that Movirtu Affiliate Application Developers can now take advantage of Movirtu’s MXPlatform API to develop innovative smartphone applications to be used with Movirtu’s ‘MX’ range of products.

An example of such an application is Movirtu’s MXManyMe Android Application which is demonstrated today at MWC. The MXManyME Android Application illustrates some of the powerful features of the MXPlatform API such as exposing multiple personas and identities on a single device allowing users to manage, in real time, multiple phone numbers and accounts from a single authenticated mobile device with a single SIM card.

The MXPlatform API will not only allow the management of multiple numbers and personas associated with these numbers from a single mobile device, but also enable basic phone functionalities, such as incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages, integrated for all accounts or separated. The MXPlatform API enables automatic activation and deactivation based on the user’s personas and lifestyle settings, e.g. disable home profile during office hours, etc. In addition, the API allows the user to choose whether to have a consolidated bill of all his personas or to have each persona billed separately.

“Worldwide, there were 5.9 Billion mobile phone subscribers at the start of 2012. Out of those, 1.9 Billion were “duplicate” global mobile phone subscriptions,” says Tomi T Ahonen, CEO of TomiAhonen Consulting. “This is a global trend and it is a huge trend.”

“With the explosion of devices, each with their own number, mobile users are finding persona management a real issue. Therefore, developing MXManyME application was the natural step from launching MXManyME platform last year at the Congress”, said Chris Horn, CTO of Movirtu. “I believe that MXManyME product together with the MXPlatform API benefits not only end users by making the management of multiple mobile identities very convenient, but it also enables mobile network operators build stronger relationships with their customers by offering them personalised solutions”

About Movirtu
Movirtu is a leading provider of Mobile Persona Management (MPM) solutions to wireless telecommunication service providers. Its award winning Cloud Phone™ software already enables mobile operators to offer mobile services to the 1 billion people who earn less than $2 a day, living in rural poor communities in Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia. Movirtu’s solutions also bring mobile banking services to those without a handset, SIM card or bank account and personalized information services to such users. Demand for Cloud Phone™ applications also extends to the 1 billion people who own more than two SIM cards living in developed markets. Movirtu is a private company, headquartered in London, UK with offices in Centurion, South Africa.

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