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Date: 9th March 2012

Recruiter Hub Launches Revolutionary Academy Product aimed at the SME recruitment market

Recruitment growth consultancy Recruiter Hub has launched a training academy product to encourage self-sufficient growth within recruitment companies.

March 9th 2012 - Successful recruitment growth consultancy Recruiter Hub is pleased to announce the launch of a unique product aimed at the SME recruitment market.

The product is a series of multimedia documents which provide a strategic yet tailored framework for training new consultants.

Recruiter Hub has, for several years, offered consultancy on an ongoing or project basis, in the form of “modules” to small to medium recruitment consultancies who are working towards growth. They found though that there was a market for something which promoted self-sufficiency rather than a reliance on an external consultant. While some SMEs do benefit very much from the outside perspective offered by a consultant, many others wish to remain more independent, and Recruiter Hub’s Academies let them do this.

The Academy is the result of much experience and consultation within recruitment, particularly with a focus on business growth and hiring and training new consultants. It is a carefully designed ten week programme which mixes taught sessions with sales days and on the job training, covering 360 recruitment skills, database training and continuous performance reviews and is the very first in-house training program that ensures trainees contribute towards revenue from day 1.

Recruiter Hub also provides training and support for the manager who will deliver the Academy, empowering them to take control of staff development rather than relying on external sources.

Recruiter Hub Managing Director Russell Bennett said: “Seeing what started as an initial concept 6 years ago become Recruiter Hub now is hugely rewarding. I have seen my philosophy and ideas directly impact growth across all our SME recruitment clients in dramatic fashion.

“The Academy is our flagship product and is one that will change the face of how SME recruitment businesses grow. Recruiter Hub will introduce self-sufficiency, strategy and tools to all clients to allow them to take control of their own businesses, in a manner which has never been seen before.”


Recruiter Hub was originally formed, around two years ago, to offer DIY training modules to SME recruitment businesses that could not necessarily afford the more traditional training options. After meeting with several SME recruitment businesses, it became increasingly apparent that Recruiter Hub could offer these businesses much more support, to significantly improve their business performance and ultimately create independence.

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Russell Bennett,
Recruiter Hub,
Tel: 0800 044 5664

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