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Date: 16th March 2012

Careers in Nuclear Goes Live

New site for the nuclear industry uses revolutionary technology to improve talent acquisition and communication in the sector

March 16th 2012 - Careers in Nuclear, a new recruitment and social hub for the nuclear energy sector, has launched its website and the company is now inviting both clients and candidates to sign up and experience the revolutionary site.

The site is the result of 3 years’ work, after senior resource managers and members of the nuclear industry noted that many job sites were becoming dated in their innovation and too generic with their vision, valuing quantity over quality. Additionally, nuclear professionals had few resources available for news and networking. They understood the frustrations felt by candidates and clients, and knew that with skilled roles such as engineering, a strategic and thorough approach is needed by recruiters. They wanted to build a site that addressed these frustrations by providing a seamless, comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Nuclear as an industry has suffered some 10 years of stagnation, but is still a crucial part of the world’s power supply, and this is set to grow in the UK and other countries. Opportunities will be good, not just within new build but also across all sectors; engineering and consultancy, decommissioning, nuclear storage and reactor services will all need talent.

As the nuclear industry evolves it needs a job board which matches its ambitions. Careers in Nuclear is a multi-functional site which takes a modern and social approach to nuclear recruitment.

The website,, offers a unique and cutting edge video interview service, designed to bring candidates and clients closer through a time shift interview system, allowing them to conduct interviews at distance without worrying about time differences. This is a revolutionary feature for recruitment, but particularly within nuclear which frequently relies on distance recruiting. There is also a psychometric testing facility to allow greater efficiency in the hiring process.

The site also has the traditional job search functionality, and has made a commitment to keep this niche and relevant. This, combined with the premium advertising opportunities, mean there is a focus on quality talent acquisition rather than volume. It also acts as a social network for the nuclear industry, with a discussion forum and employer profiles.

Chris Hardman, Sales and Marketing Manager at Careers in Nuclear, says; “Creating this site has involved a lot of detailed research, planning and collaboration with experts. We are proud that it has now come to life and believe passionately that the technology will transform talent acquisition. We look forward to it becoming a valuable resource for recruiters, companies and staff within the nuclear industry.”

Careers in Nuclear has been developed to give a corner stone route to market to manage legacy recruitment nuisances and create global opportunities for clients and candidates who want to be part of the nuclear resurgence. The site connects global market place information, social and professional community sites and cutting edge technology to ensure a seamless and effective solution to all.

Careers in Nuclear was founded by experts in resource management who work within construction and energy sectors. The founders felt that the growing nuclear industry needed a central platform on which companies and candidates could meet. They also identified difficulties within nuclear recruitment, such as long-distance or even overseas relocations, and a lack of a forum for professionals to use for networking and knowledge sharing. From targeted advertising and a tailored profile, through to background checks and a unique time shift video interviewing service, Careers in Nuclear makes talent acquisition easier and cheaper.

Chris Hardman
Sales and Marketing Manager
Email: chris[at]Careersinnuclear[dot]com
Tel: 0845 450 8920

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