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Date: 27th March 2012

Isansys Lifecare CEO Keith Errey to debunk “Technology Myths in eHealth” at NMI’s Future World Symposium 2012

CEO of Real-Time Physiological Patient Data Provider Isansys to address National Microelectronics Institute’s flagship conference (24th – 25th April, Wembley Stadium, London)

Abingdon, United Kingdom, March 27 2012 – Isansys Lifecare Limited, the provider of complete real-time physiological patient data services and systems, today announces that Isansys CEO Keith Errey will be debunking "Technology Myths in eHealth" in a key conference address at NMI's Future World Symposium 2012 (24th-25th April, Wembley Stadium, London).

Keith will be an invited speaker at the event – the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI)'s flagship conference and exhibition – which brings together key figures in the industry to explore the road ahead. Over two days, thought leaders, researchers and industrialists will be exploring the opportunities for electronic systems to solve societal challenges and provide economic benefits.

This year’s Future World Symposium conference programme focuses on industry themes including the Mobile Consumer, the Connected Home, e-enabled Health and Future Automotive. Keith's conference address will be given on Tuesday 24th April as part of the e-Health session and will explore how e-health has been continually presented as one of the great money-spinning “holy grail” markets for technology companies, and explore why these companies – particularly IT, computer and semiconductor businesses – have failed to make any impact whatsoever. Keith’s speech will explain how this commercial failure results from a failure in thinking, not of technology – of which there is more than enough to meet the needs of healthcare providers – and how self-replicating myths about healthcare and ignorance of the nature and characteristics of these markets means that technology companies have squandered hundreds of millions of investment dollars and government grants with virtually no discernible benefits for patients. Finally, Keith's presentation will tackle the most common myths and why they lead to commercial failures in the context of the special nature of the market and the ways in which healthcare is actually delivered and practised. Keith will conclude by offering delegates a roadmap towards workable and effective business models that will bring the benefits of new technologies to patients and providers.

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About Isansys Lifecare Limited (
Isansys Lifecare is the easy, fast and secure way to new physiological information and clinical insights for better care and improved patient safety.
We work with leading healthcare professionals, institutes and policy organisations operating in a wide range of healthcare settings, who want to employ new patient monitoring technologies and methods to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.
With comprehensive industry knowledge and the essential technical, clinical and regulatory expertise, Isansys is able to manage the entire process and provide a complete service, focusing on:
• enhancing the relationship between patient and physician
• providing a complete end-to-end system – the Isansys Lifecare Platform – to continuously and wirelessly capture, collect, interpret and securely store vital sign and other physiological patient data. An inherent part of our Platform is a dedicated, world-class team of engineers, mathematicians, physiologists and clinicians.
• offering secure, authorised access to this data on any remote device including desktop, laptop or tablet computer or smart phone.
• generating clinically validated and relevant information in simple usable formats, not columns of numbers or multiple confusing charts. Where appropriate or required, this data is integrated into the clients’ electronic health record system.
• enabling clients to harness the Platform to generate the evidence base necessary to validate clinical and economic outcomes, from proof-of-concept studies and demonstration projects to full large scale system roll out and implementations.

About Continuous Patient Physiological Monitoring
It is well documented that patients who deteriorate and require admission to critical care or who suffer cardiac arrest, or many other adverse conditions, have abnormalities that are detectable by physiological observations well in advance. Continuous (or nearly continuous) monitoring of multiple vital signs provides the fundamental input for improved patient outcomes and reduced overall costs. In the US alone, remote patient monitoring devices are forecast to reduce healthcare costs by nearly $200 billion during the next 25 years, if more widely used by patients with certain chronic diseases (Source: Center for Technology and Aging Report, May 2010).

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