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Date: 12th April 2012

Localstars speeds digital ad serving with Google DFP integration

Part of an automated process that cuts ad creation and delivery time to minutes, boosting online publishers’ productivity

April 11th 2012 - Localstars has streamlined the online ad trafficking and delivery process for publishers that use its digital advertising platform through a new close integration with Google’s DART for Publishers (DFP) software. DFP is used by major publishers across the world to serve and manage digital ad campaigns on their sites and the integration boosts productivity, helping Localstars’ publishing partners get ads trafficked and served faster.

“We’ve already enabled our ad platform to easily integrate with publishers’ advert booking systems - and now, by integrating with Google’s DFP, we can help create an automated end-to-end process that lets publishers avoid bottlenecks and unnecessary manual effort, making it possible to take a video or rich media ad from sale, through creation, trafficking and serving in a matter of minutes,” said Chris Bunyan, Managing Director of Localstars, which supplies solutions to leading regional online publishers, including Johnston Press and Northcliffe Digital.

Localstars’ automated process begins when an ad is booked and the Localstars platform automatically receives advertiser details, advert information and campaign details from the publisher’s booking system. A design studio operator then accesses the ad creation system on Localstars’ platform, selects one of thousands of video or rich media advert templates, and is able to easily change images, text and other elements to create an ad in minutes, with the system automatically generating a link that can be sent to the advertiser for approval.

“When the ad is ready, the integration with Google's DFP means the ad trafficker simply has to tick an approval box to make the ad live on the target web sites, with the relevant campaign targeting information transferred automatically - reducing a previously manual ad trafficking process to approximately a matter of seconds,” explained Bunyan. “And altogether the process from booking the campaign, creating an advert and serving the ad, which can take publishers three to four days of elapsed time to complete, can potentially be reduced to minutes.”

Localstars provides online technology to help publishers grow digital advertising sales while reducing operating costs.

About Localstars
Established in 2008, Localstars, the digital and video advertising specialist, has a simple vision – to deliver high quality, geographically targeted online video and digital advertising campaigns at affordable prices. The company helps publishers achieve online video advertising income without major investment or risk and makes affordable online video advertising campaigns accessible to small businesses as well as large brands who want to target local audiences. Its rich media ad builder software enables regional publishers and directory sites to cost-effectively offer compelling rich media display ad campaigns to advertisers of all sizes.

Localstars is a media software business headquartered in London. The company is privately funded. For further information visit

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