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Date: 25th April 2012

Conseal Security Launches Major New Release of Conseal Server

Protecting Data on Mobile Storage Devices, Conseal Server 2.0

April 25th 2012 - Infosec, Stand K76 - Conseal Security, the provider of solutions to secure data on the move, today announced Conseal Server 2.0, enabling organisations to maintain complete control over their private data when it’s on the move.

The increasingly visible headlines publically ‘outing’ data breaches serve as clear indication of the scale of the problem. A problem that is increasingly punished by punitive fines, the average cost of breaches to organisations – both direct and indirect – remains extremely high at USD 194 per compromised record according to the Ponemon Institute. The Institute also reports that negligent insiders are the cause of 39% of breaches. It is no surprise that this statistic remains as high as it is, with the increasing trend for employees to work away from the office, taking work home, on business trips and to customer locations, all requiring access to their organisation’s private data whilst at these locations.

Conseal Server 2.0 prevents these breaches entirely and ensures that lost storage devices are no longer a threat. It affords IT departments, which are in the firing line when a breach occurs, complete control and management over removable storage even when it’s in the hands of a “negligent insider” – or an external attacker.

It allows administrators and users to centrally control and manage sensitive data stored on removable devices via their organisation's private cloud, helping organisations to adhere to current and forthcoming data protection legislation. As well as completely protecting data against password guessing attempts via Conseal's "Dual LocksTM" system, it allows remote wiping of any removable USB storage device and highly flexible access control rules enable tight control over who has access to data.

Conseal Enforcer™ guarantees security

Part of the “negligent insider” problem is that users choose the path of least resistance in matters of security – often choosing to bring in their own storage devices instead of using company-approved secure ones.

Conseal Server 2.0 significantly improves protection by adding Conseal Enforcer™, which allows administrators to enforce policy for all external devices, including being able to completely prevent the use of insecure data storage, by locking down and controlling what is allowed to connect via their users USB ports. Individual Consealed devices, however, can be made freely accessible to specific computers or users.

Conseal Server also provides full auditing abilities which is a "hot topic" with existing and future legislation. It affords administrators the ability to see who has accessed protected data, when and where. This provides much-needed clarity and accountability, as well as forewarning of potential breaches when coupled with the alert functionality, which automatically emails administrators warnings of potential misuse.

Conseal’s CTO Tom Colvin said: “Conseal Server 2.0 represents a significant milestone in the security of mobile data storage. We’ve built on the successful release of version 1 last year by offering greater levels of control and flexibility, which together help us deliver on our mission statement to ensure ‘lost devices are no longer a threat’.”

New features in Conseal Server 2.0 include:

• Active Directory support, allowing Conseal Server to easily integrate into any Windows environment.
• More advanced control over permissions and users. Administrators may nominate individual users to manage devices or groups of devices. They can also define who may Conseal new devices.
• Device sharing between users. Device owners and administrators can now share control of their devices with other users, allowing the IT department to provide as much or as little control to their end users as they wish.
• Ability to temporarily block devices, ensuring that lost devices are not a threat. If the device is found it can be un-blocked, or if it gets into the wrong hands it can be remotely destroyed.
• Trusted Computers, allowing administrators and users to temporarily certify specific computers and users, so that they are able to unlock devices without requiring internet access. This is particularly helpful if, for example, a Consealed device is to be taken on an aeroplane.

Conseal Server 2.0 offers a 'peace of mind' solution at an affordable price, providing complete protection for businesses facing increasing legislation requiring them to protect the data they store, and increasingly punitive fines for data breaches.

Conseal Server is available immediately , with a typical small business installation for up to 50 users costing £999, rising for more extensive enterprise deployments.

About Conseal Security:
Conseal Security is a UK-based provider of award-winning security solutions to consumer and enterprise IT users looking to secure data storage devices on the move. Its unique products allow users to protect their data wherever they are, ensuring uncompromised security at home, in the workplace and in the field. Users can manage devices protected by Conseal's solutions using a cloud-based management console; ensuring that data integrity is maintained at all times while allowing organisations to ensure compliance with industry and regulatory guidelines on data protection.

Conseal is headquartered in London, with a research and development centre in Basingstoke, UK.

For more information please visit or contact Peter Airs via peter.airs[at]consealsecurity[dot]com or on 0845 094 8483. Complimentary licences are available for media product reviews.

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