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Date: 10th May 2012

New device for the safe handling of concrete pipes on site - with video demonstration

CPSA is launching the Pipe Lifter for the safe handling and installation of large diameter concrete pipes

May 10th 2012 - The Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA) is launching the Pipe Lifter – a unique tool for the safe lifting and installing of large diameter concrete pipe products that dramatically reduces installation time.

Having already won the Best Health and Safety Initiative category in the Water Industry Awards 2012, the Pipe Lifter is now readily available for hire or purchase. It is being promoted via a supporting video demonstrating its operation, which can be viewed at:

The Pipe Lifter is designed to be fitted to a standard excavator with a simple quick-hitch coupling and requires no hydraulic links or additional energy requirements on site.

Using the Pipe Lifter means that there is no need for anyone to stand on the bed of the vehicle when offloading (the biggest cause of accidents on site) and there is also no need for anyone to stand in the trench during jointing.

There are no slings or chains required and the whole pipe laying operation is around 50% faster than using traditional lifting methods – leading to a significant cost saving. It is designed to handle UK specification BS EN1916 concrete pipes from DN 300 to DN1200.

The Manhole Lifter is a companion device that makes lifting manhole rings a safe and easy, one-man operation for precast concrete manhole rings.

Contractors who have used the Pipe Lifter are extremely impressed: “It has surpassed all expectations in terms of speed and safety… I expect to use this system on all future large diameter sewer schemes” says Stephen Duffy of WPI Civil Engineering.

Made up of manufacturers of precast concrete pipeline products, the CPSA took the initiative to support the introduction of the Pipe Lifter into the UK having seen it in action in Europe. It is one of a series of initiatives to support the specification and use of concrete pipes for the UK water industry.

To buy or rent the Pipe Lifter, contact CPSA’s supply partner MGF on 01942 402700 or go to

Further information on the Pipe Lifter and on the health and safety issues surrounding the installation of concrete pipes can be found at

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