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Date: 16th May 2012

UK based marketing agency, Salvigo, explains how the rise of ‘m-commerce’ means even small businesses need some big business communication

As a small business are you reaching and engaging your online audience

May 16th 2012, London, United Kingdom - We all know that the internet has revolutionised the way we perceive our world, and also how we purchase products and services. However the phenomenon has now further developed with the widespread use of mobile technology, customers are now online anywhere, anytime. Indeed it’s expected that mobile shopping, via ‘hand held technology’, has grown ‘584% in just two years’ ( This ‘m-commerce’ means as businesses we need to be able to communicate with our customers 24/7.

Online PR is an extremely cost effective way of boosting your brand awareness online. It helps to build a story around your brand or business and increases traffic to your website. This is especially important in business to business (B2B) communications. It is imperative you know what others are discussing concerning your industry and it’s vital your customers know your response. This can be done through your specific B2B blog, e-newsletter or press release. These tools provide great customer relationship management creating a steady revenue stream and allowing your sales team to focus on new leads.

Every piece of online information also helps to boost your appearance on search engines. However search engines seek quality not quantity, so it’s vital to make sure your web content is interesting, relevant and not purely about self promotion. Online PR should inform your customers about yourself through topics of interest; enabling them to learn more about how your company works; your products or services.

At Salvigo we can help you communicate with your business customers through effective online PR. We have expert copywriters available to construct B2B press releases for your company, update blogs, websites and social media networks. As a fully integrated marketing agency we are best placed to help small or medium sized businesses (SMEs) that need professional advice to get their business growing.

‘Don't worry if you have never written a press release before, our content writing team is trained right here in our head office in the UK, so when it comes to quality, there really are no compromises. Thinking about how your customers want to be communicated with is critical to understanding how your business will grow and develop. The trend appears to be that technological advances in ‘e-commerce’ and now ‘m-commerce’ are driving business communication forward – so don’t get left behind.’ Ian Spencer, Managing Director,

Salvigo is a full service marketing agency that specialises in helping start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses grow. For more information on how Salvigo could help your business visit our website or contact them on telephone 0208 133 6875, alternatively email: hello[at]salvigo[dot]com.

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Ian Spencer
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