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Date: 30th May 2012

Vincotech introduce the flyerIPM - P520 for Decentralized Motor Drive Applications

Decentralized Motor Drive Applications Raise New Requirements regarding the Drive System

May 30th 2012 - The increasing demand for decentralized motor drives in factory automation makes the new requirements for the implemented inverters in general and for the power section in particular more and more evident. The article will illuminate the reasons for the shift towards decentralized motor drives in factory automation, the special requisitions this implicates for the drive as well as its power section. It shows on a real example how to achieve these additional demands with a highly integrated intelligent power module from Vincotech.

The growing trend of decentralized drives in factory automation demands for a new kind of inverter with widely improved performance. To achieve these requirements a novel Power Module is needed, which incorporates a standard module together with all the drive, sense and interface functions on a very small footprint featuring superior thermal characteristics. The flyerIPM - P520 from Vincotech is the first representative of this new kind of intelligent power modules available for the open market.

For more information please see Vincotech’s article about decentralized motor drive applications and their requirements:

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Vincotech, an independent operating unit within Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is a market leader in power modules in development and manufacturing of high-quality electronic power components for Motion Control, and Renewable Energy applications.
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