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Date: 30th May 2012

Sales and Marketing outsourcing is becoming the preferred option for more start-ups and small businesses.

Focusing on what you do best and outsourcing your sales and marketing function often provides a fresh business boost

May 30th 2012 - Many companies are now looking to outsource their marketing function; the current marketplace makes this a more appealing choice for businesses. This is because external consultants can often be a more cost effective option than an in-house marketing department.

Demand for outsourcing is being driven by companies looking to cut expenditure and deliver variability in costs in the current economic climate. (

When outsourcing a function like marketing – it allows the company to focus on product development and sales progression with existing clients (the so called 'low hanging fruit'), while not hindering existing staff with extra duties. Subsequently, small to medium or new businesses may find outsourcing especially useful as it provides crucial start-up marketing support and resource, and much needed strategy development from experts. A marketing consultancy can also provide a consistency of best practice and a clearer focus stemming from a fresh external perspective.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your marketing function, or just looking for some more marketing support, then it pays to understand what your possible consultant or agency will specialise in. Some of the things to consider are below:

• Brand creation and Positioning
• Business to Business (B2B) Marketing
• Marketing Strategy and Plan Development
• Internet Marketing Strategy
• Sales and Marketing Campaign Development
• Lead Generation
• Public Relations (PR)
• Customer Relationship Management

Ian Spencer, Managing Director of Surrey based marketing experts, Salvigo says "We are specialists in helping small to medium businesses develop long term sustainable growth. Our integrated lead generation and appointment setting services are cost effective and flexible and on average our 16 strong team of sales and marketing gurus generate over 300 opportunities per month for our clients".

Salvigo can also manage your online social networks for you, communicating directly with your customers, via a 30 day FREE trial using their partner ‘Nimble social’. ‘Nimble social’ integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and your email contacts into one environment; enabling even small businesses to always be in contact with their customers.

Ultimately outsourcing is a great way to ensure your profit margins grow and stay healthy.

For more information on how Salvigo could help your business visit our website or telephone 0208 133 6875, alternatively email: hello[at]salvigo[dot]com.

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