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Date: 29th June 2012

Vincotech’s One-Step Mounting Technology – Fast, Reliable, Flexible

Vincotech’s One-Step Mounting Technology – Fast, Reliable, Flexible

June 29th 2012 Aiming to cut assembly costs and avert inverter assembly flaws, several companies now offer power modules that can be mounted in a single step. Some use housings with a hole in the middle and a lid to hold the PCB, module and heat sink in place. This certainly facilitates installation and saves time. Vincotech, however, has taken this notion to a whole new level, building on the best of such practices and adding powerful features on top. The company developed a novel Press-fit technology and made it available in a wide range of products, including modules with pre-applied phase change material and thermal grease. These power modules also enable highly efficient low inductance designs.

Vincotech’s article looks closer at how Vincotech power modules, engineered for one-step assembly encompassing the PCB and heat sink, make life easier for manufacturers.

For more information please see Vincotech’s article about OneStep Mounting:

About Vincotech:
Vincotech, an independent operating unit within Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is a market leader in power modules in development and manufacturing of high-quality electronic power components for Motion Control, and Renewable Energy applications.
With some 500 employees worldwide, backed by vast experience and a long history in electronics integration, Vincotech leverages these assets to help customers attain maximum market success.
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