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Date: 15th August 2012

Ensygnia partners with ExoIS on payment card security

Isolated browser technology and patented OneScan authentication now included in ExoIS portfolio

Fast moving UK-based Internet and payments security specialists Ensygnia confirmed today that it had formed a strategic partnership with US PCI-compliance specialists ExoIS to combine their services in a single comprehensive solution to protect and secure cardholder data.

Under the terms of the agreement, ExoIS has incorporated Ensygnia’s ground-breaking, patented OneScan encrypted QR code technology (eQR) and its Ensygnia Trust isolated browser approach into the ExoIS PeepSafe solution in order to provide bank-grade security across all aspects of its managed platform.

PeepSafe is a Software as a Service (SaaS) suite of applications that allow organisations which store, process or transmit cardholder information to lock-down internal functions and securely contain personal data.

PeepSafe sits between the consumer, the merchant system and the payment Gateway enabling PCI-compliance by ensuring cardholder data remains within a secure portal and cannot enter an organisation’s corporate network. This solution can enable merchants, depending on the services selected, to reduce their PCI footprint down to an SAQ A with practically no impact on existing systems and processes.

This partnership further increases the security of PeepSafe, by adding Ensygnia’s isolated browser and OneScan technology to its hosted secure encrypted portal. The partnership will also allow Ensygnia, as a master UK distributor of PeepSafe, to offer PCI Level 1 compliant hosted services as an all-inclusive solution to the UK and EMEA markets.

Using OneScan, transactions can occur completely “out-of-band” allowing cardholder information to bypass corporate or public networks and pass directly to the portal over an encrypted connection. Furthermore, Ensygnia Trust isolated browser technology will ensure that any authorised access to the secure portal would use a protected, locked-down, connection that does not permit any interaction with other programmes on the PC, laptop or tablet device.

Announcing the partnership, Richard H Harris, CEO and founder of Ensygnia, said: “It is a measure of how much we have achieved in such a short space of time that a proven market-leader such as ExoIS wants to incorporate our technology within its solution.

“By adding our ‘out-of- band’ OneScan transaction and authentication service to the PeepSafe range of tools, and incorporating the Ensygnia Trust isolated browser in its access technology, ExoIS is not only endorsing our approach and technology; it is further strengthening its market position and leading-edge security credentials.”

For ExoIS, Mike Kibort, VP of Business Development and Sales said: “PeepSafe already uses a range of security tools to protect cardholder data, restrict its movement and lock-down access. By adding the Ensygnia solutions to our portfolio we are taking that protection to an even higher level and cementing our leadership position in PCI-compliant systems and services.”

The announcement marks another milestone in Ensygnia’s rapid market progress following the grant of its UK patent for the OneScan service in June.

The partnership with ExoIS follows an agreement confirmed last month with Azuan Technologies that will see Ensygnia globally market and distribute Azuan’s already proven end-point security and isolated browser technology under the Ensygnia Trust brand. Unlike other end-point systems, Ensygnia Trust’s on-demand approach requires no software installation and can be applied to any desktop, laptop or tablet pc, making it perfect for the fast developing “bring-your-own-device” corporate network market.


About Ensygnia
Formed in 2011 by Richard H Harris and Matt Deacon, Ensygnia is an online transaction, authentication and security company specialising in banking, consumer and corporate markets. Harris and Deacon have strong backgrounds in Internet Security, online fraud prevention and identity management with companies including Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Swivel Secure, Clearswift, Tumbleweed and Mobix.

Amanda Mesler, CEO of Logica Consulting in the UK and Andrew Nash, CTO of Trulioo and former Head of Identity at Google are also on the Ensygnia board of directors.

Ensygnia was granted a patent for its OneScan encrypted QR code technology (eQR) in June 2012, and has formed partnerships or associations with developers and solution providers such as Azuan Technologies and now ExoIS inc. It is also in detailed discussions with a number of major international distributors, retailers, companies, and financial institutions about licensing and using both OneScan and Ensygnia Trust.

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About ExoIS
Founded in 2004 in the heart of Silicon Valley, ExoIS is the provider of PeepSafe®, the world’s leading PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant SaaS solution.

PeepSafe allows any organization that accepts credit cards to de-scope entire functions and network segments, including phone calls, e-mails, faxes, databases, applications, green screen applications, and workstations. This helps to reduce or eliminate their PCI footprint, their liability and their costs to become compliant.

PeepSafe is a fully managed, secure portal environment that requires no changes to internal systems and business processes, incurs minimal implementation time and is available at a fraction of the cost of typical annual audit spends.

Andrew Nash, CTO of Trulioo, Ravi Subramanian, CEO of BDA and Colin MacNab, CEO of AppEnsure are on the ExoIS Board of Advisors.

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