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Date: 15th August 2012

Fifteen years of promoting communication across the globe

CLS Communication is a global player that is bringing its expertise in writing, editing and translating to an expanding customer base.

Zurich, 15 August 2012: CLS Communication, the largest language services provider in Switzerland, turns fifteen this year. Despite the recent economic tough times, CLS Communication has thrived over this decade and half. It is a global player that is bringing its expertise in writing, editing and translating to an expanding customer base.

The year 1997 was a good time for a company to start out. The markets were booming and business confidence was high. Ten years later, the financial crisis struck. But whether good times or bad, CLS Communication has stood the test of time. It has expanded across the globe.

Though fifteen years may not seem like a long time, consider how much the world has changed since then: back in 1997, it was a world without iPhones, iPads and iPods. Even ordinary cell phones weren't that common. In fact, back in 1997 your own first encounter with the Internet had come only a couple of years earlier, and a company named Google didn't even exist. Over those fifteen years, CLS has firmly established itself as a global language services provider. The company was originally created as a spin-off from Swiss Bank Corporation and Zurich Financial Services and started with a staff of 40 persons. Over the years CLS Communication has grown organically by opening offices in New York, London, Copenhagen and other European capitals, as well as in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing. It has also expanded by in-sourcing the language service teams of major international firms.

Along the way, CLS Communication has made key acquisitions, such as Richard Gray Financial Translations (RGFT) in 2004, which helped solidify the company's presence in London and gain a foothold in Paris and Madrid.

In 2009 the company gained a new majority shareholder, the Swiss-based private equity fund Zurmont Madison, to obtain equity to grow faster through acquisitions, in particular the purchase of Lexi-tech International in 2009, Canada's largest language services provider.

"We've seen the economic ups and downs of the global markets over the last fifteen years," commented CEO Doris Albisser. "But since the management acquired the majority of the company's shares in 2003, CLS has pursued a growth strategy based on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), strong organic growth and the acquisition of language services providers in other countries.”

A staff of around 600, including a large number of translators, writers and editors, serves more than 1,800 clients throughout the world. The in-house talent is supplemented by more than 3,000 carefully vetted external writers and translators. Together, this potent team stands ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the needs of CLS’s clients.

"With fifteen years of experience under our belt, CLS has been growing with its clients and following them, wherever they go," Albisser said. "That's why over the years we've made a special effort to expand across the globe, whether setting up offices or through BPO's and acquisitions. The first fifteen years have seen solid growth. And I think over the next fifteen the pace of growth will be even stronger."

The future will surely see even more technological advances. And the trend is for end-to-end corporate solutions and industrial processes. CLS Communication is well ahead of this trend, having already industrialized corporate processes and put end-to-end technology and service solutions in place. CLS Communication will also be there to ensure that businesses throughout the world are able to communicate in our knowledge-driven, information-based society. After all, your message matters. CLS Communication stands ready to write, edit or translate your message, whenever and wherever you need it.

About CLS Communication AG:
CLS Communication is one of the largest language services providers in the world. Offices in Europe, Asia, and North America give the company global flexibility round the clock. CLS's core business is translation, writing and editing in the areas of banking and finance, insurance and life sciences as well as for the legal industry, industrial sector and governmental institutions. A staff of around 600, including a large number of translators, writers and editors as well as 3,000 external language and subject matter experts, write, edit and translate texts in any language. The latest technology ensures the highest levels of security and confidentiality and CLS's team of dedicated project managers provide exceptional client service.

For further information, please contact:
CLS Communication AG
Daniel Funk
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