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Date: 27th September 2012

ISRA CARDS Develops new generation of Printed Antennas for STARCHIP Secure Contactless Products

StarChip®, experts in designing, qualifying and industrializing smart card semiconductors, and ISRA CARDS, have collaborated on the development of printed antennas.

MEYREUIL, September 27th, 2012 - StarChip®, experts in designing, qualifying and industrializing smart card semiconductors, and ISRA CARDS, the long lasting smart card manufacturer, have collaborated on the development of printed antennas . The new antenna design is the result of ISRA CARDS expertise in printed antennas over different plastic substrates.

ISRA CARDS developed a unique antenna embedding process enabling the full in-house production of contactless and secure dual interface smart cards in its secured site in France. This technology is particularly adapted to the Identity market where long lifetime is required for electronic documents. In addition to the standard Class 1 format, ISRA has developed specific Class 2 and Class 3 formats targeting banking and emerging Near Field Communication (NFC) markets.

StarChip® adapted the design of its secure contactless products to optimize ISRA CARDS antennas performance. This collaboration allowed combining high power consumption of flash secure microcontroller with the low power consumption requirement of contactless technology. StarChip’s expertise in secure semiconductor development, industrialization and certifications combined with ISRA CARDS proven expertise in designing and manufacturing contactless antennas will allow StarChip to bring to market state-of-the art and competitive smart card products to address banking, identity, and mass transit markets.

“StarChip®’s objective is to be a leading supplier for the smart card market. The development of printed antennas is one of the key assets that will enable us to access this highly demanding market”, said Lucien BRAU CEO and President of StarChip®. “Partnering with ISRA CARDS, one of the leading designer and manufacturer of printed antennas enables us to bring to market tailored solutions to smart card customers high requirements”.

“With its experience and expertise, ISRA CARDS intends to keep delivering cutting edge smart cards products ”, said chief executive officer Jean Pierre CHAUVIN for ISRA CARDS. “We have enjoyed teaming up with STARCHIP’s engineers to offer a new comprehensive secure flash microcontrollers portfolio”.

About ISRA Cards:
ISRA is an independent French company specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic cards and communicating objects, mainly aimed at stores, loyalty, ticketing, identification, access control and transport.

Around these products ISRA offers a wide range of services from personalization or programming of cards or communicating objects, routing operations (stuffing envelopes, dispatch), to the design of original packaging. Based in Mours Saint Eusèbe, near Romans, in the Drôme, ISRA has 120 employees and offers its products and services throughout the world.

About StarChip®:
StarChip® is a dynamic semiconductor company that enables customers to directly benefit from its unique, optimized value chain system. We design and qualify products for mass production, then license our solutions for purchase directly by our customers through qualified foundries and test houses.

StarChip® products are based on state-of-the art, flash-based 32-bit architectures. They are designed to offer maximum integration, providing support for embedded, innovative security technologies, analog functionality, and connectivity and control interfaces. The result is a flexible set of solutions that can easily meet the requirements of a wide variety of markets, including smart card and security, consumer, automotive, and industrial applications.

StarChip® contact:
Hanène Maupas
Tel:+33 1 34 52 20 75
Mob: +33 6 78 11 47 80
Email: hanene[dot]maupas[at]starchip-ic[dot]com

ISRA CARDS contact:
Carloman GRELU
Tel:+33 680 556 570
Email: carloman[at]isra[dot]fr

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