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Date: 27th September 2012

FTTH Forum 2012 takes place in Istanbul/Turkey from November 7-8 2012

Turkcell Superonline confirmed to be Strategic Partner of the conference, Superonline CEO Murat Erkan delivers Opening Keynote.

Istanbul, September 27th 2012 - After 2008 (Lisbon/Portugal), 2009 (Barcelona/Spain + Lisbon/Portugal) and 2010/2011 (Budapest) the FTTH Forum 2012 the only event in the region solely dedicated to Fibre Technology, will take place in Istanbul, Turkey this year on November 7-8th.

Building on the success of past editions, we have assembled our most content-rich conference to date by securing collaboration with renowned analysts from Ventura Team as our conference consultants.

In times of great economic uncertainty, the challenge is to invest in the right networks and then maximise the profits from them. However, high levels of competition in many countries and the significant capex needed for FTTH mean that making the right investment decisions is more important and complex than ever. Not only do you need to make the correct compromise between fibre and mobile, but you must understand the revenues and margins the network can deliver in the face of the challenge of ‘over the top’ content providers and falling ARPU’s.

The FTTH Forum 2012 will take a pragmatic approach to what works and what doesn’t, highlighting experience and learning from successful operations. We ask the hard questions rather than believing everything will be fine, helping delegates to take the right decisions for their businesses. By attending, you will learn from best practice and how to reach the right solution for your investments.

FTTH Forum 2012 will cover key topics including:

• The real potential for DSL acceleration and the impact on strategic choices
• The business case - how to get the right balance between FTTH, FTTX, ADSL and mobile services
• Making money from content - the two sided business model - challenges and potential
• Understanding the funding mechanisms for new networks
• Why there is plenty of finance available but projects are not able to access it

Highlight 1: Pre-Conference Workshop

“Building the business case for profitable FTTH deployments – understanding the real drivers of profitability, what works, what doesn’t and how you increase revenues and margins”

• Understanding and Optimising the Opportunity – COSTS – MARKET - REVENUES
• Optimising the Business for Real World Scenarios

Attended by several thousands of operators, regulators, utilities and investors across three continents, this workshop helps learn and share experience in what works (and what doesn’t) in deploying technologies and services. How do you change the rules, what should you do, what should you avoid?

Highlight 2: Presentation of the Google / Kansas City FTTH project

“How Kansas City Has Responded to Winning the Google Lottery”

Unlike many cities who spend years planning how to finance, build and utilise a FTTH network, Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO won the Google lottery and launched a new kind of public private partnership, bringing a next generation fibre network to homes across the metro area with minimal financial investment on the part of the cities. Aaron Deacon, advisor to the Kansas City Mayors' Bi-State Innovations Team will explain how the communities have responded to this opportunity, how Google has gone about launching their product and what lies ahead. Areas of particular interest include the unique brand of cooperation between two cities across the state line and the spotlight that the arrival of gigabit speeds has shone on the digital divide.

Highlight 3: Panel session Telco Operators vs. Content Providers

Content is killing operators with increasing bandwidth required for over the top players and pirated content. But the Internet created the mechanism for content to be illegally shared - damaging media and content companies. Both sides of this business model are killing the other.

This panel will look at the different ways in which operators and content providers can work together to develop new business models and monetise content. It will be a realistic and pragmatic view at what can and does work and how revenue can be generated in the future.

The FTTH Forum is scheduled to take place on 7th - 8th November 2012 in Istanbul. For more information and to register please visit the event website

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