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Date: 22nd October 2012

Logic Bank offers Design Services based on Cortus 32-bit processor cores and firmware

Korean SoC design specialist LogicBank provides development services dedicated to Cortus 32-bit processor cores and licenses APS3R.

Montpellier, France and Bundang-Gu, Korea - October 22nd, 2012. Cortus, a technology leader in cost effective, silicon efficient, 32-bit processor IP, and SoC design experts LogicBank, announce that they are teaming up to offer implementation of integrated circuit designs based on Cortus 32-bit processor cores. LogicBank has also licensed the Cortus APS3R core.

Cortus S.A. licenses a range of 32-bit processor cores for embedded systems. The cores provide licensees with a wide choice in embedded computational performance and silicon area to meet a wide variety of application needs.

“The Cortus APS family of processors is ideal for modern embedded applications” says CEO and Founder of Logic Bank, “Customers are demanding low power, a small silicon footprint and good computational performance”. He explains, “APS cores offer a scaleable solution that can be matched to the needs of a client’s project”.

“We are very pleased to work with LogicBank in providing a design solution for Korean SoC customers”, says Michael Chapman, CEO and President of Cortus, “LogicBank has a wealth of expertise in SoC implementation and in embedded system development”. He adds, “LogicBank’s technical expertise spans the entire range of Cortus microcontroller cores”.

The Cortus family of APS processors comprises the energy efficient APS3R, the high performance APS5 and the floating point FPS6. All cores interface to Cortus’ peripherals including Ethernet 10/100 MAC, USB 2.0 Device and USB 2.0 OTG via the efficient APS bus. They also share the simple vectored interrupt structure which ensures rapid, real time interrupt response, with low software overhead.

The APS toolchain and IDE (for C and C++) is available to licensees free of charge, and which can be customised and branded for final customer use. Ports of various RTOSs are available such as FreeRTOS, Micrium ?C/OSII and ?CLinux.

About Cortus S.A.:
Cortus S.A. is the cost/performance leader for 32 bit processor IP for embedded systems. Cortus cores are used in applications where one or more of small silicon footprint, low power consumption, good code density/small code memory size and high performance are important.

Cortus is the world leader in terms of DMIPS per square micrometre and DMIPS per microwatt.

Cortus S.A. Contact:
Roddy Urquhart, +44 753 158 7023

About LogicBank:
LogicBank was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to the design service for 32-bit Cortus IPs and firmware development.

LogicBank has the knowledge and flexibility to understand and implement customer SoC designs and systems. With rich SoC design know-how, LogicBank expands its business and firmware solutions according to the market requirements. LogicBank can help customers to build innovative, cost-effective and market leading products.

LogicBank Co. Ltd. Contact:
+82 70 4617 4850

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