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Date: 12th November 2012

VPS Hosting Providers Learn How to Deliver a New Class of Business Grade Services – Hosting Provider Forum, Vienna

Hosting Provider Forum in Vienna brings together VPS Hosting Providers to discuss new technology for the delivery of business grade communication services in cPanel

Vienna, Austria - 12th November, 2012: CommuniGate Systems invites Hosting Providers in Austria to join them on the 30th November 2012 at their VPS Hosting Provider Forum to learn how to deliver a new class of business grade Virtual Private Server (VPS) services.

The VPS Hosting Provider Forum brings together some of Austria’s leading hosting providers to network, build valuable industry connections and to learn how to deliver a new range of value-added services to their business customers.

CommuniGate Systems is sponsoring the VPS Hosting Provider Forum on the 30th November at Hollmann Theater Salon, Vienna to stimulate cooperation and knowledge sharing within the local hosting community, and demonstrate how to deliver a new class of business grade communication service to small businesses across Austria. During the event CommuniGate Systems will be providing real-time demonstrations as well as giving away a 500 user license to one lucky participant.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting providers are enjoying rapid growth thanks to the adoption of Cloud services across small businesses. However, VPS providers have struggled to deliver high-value communication products to their business customers without investing in expensive external hardware.

CommuniGate Systems recently launched their open-source cPanel adaptor plugin for their CommuniGate Pro Unified Communications platform which enables VPS providers to deliver email, IM, groupware, and mobile solutions all from the VPS server – without dedicated hardware or external servers.

Visit today to find out more including the agenda and location, register for the event or sign up for future local VPS Hosting Provider Forums.

About CommuniGate Systems:
CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-grade Unified Communications software for service providers to deliver value-added voice and multimedia services over IP-based networks. The Company's software solutions enable service providers to deliver hosted, SaaS, or Cloud-based communications solutions, including Voice over IP (VoIP), Mobile Voice over IP (mVoIP), Unified Communications and converged mobile and fixed-line services cost-effectively at massive scale.

CommuniGate Systems’ open-source cPanel plugin is the industry’s first Unified Communications hosting platform for virtual environments. The Company's software also includes the industry acclaimed CommuniGate Pro, Pronto!, the Unified Communications client for mobile, web and desktop.

For more information including an online demo (no registration required) visit:

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