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Date: 26th November 2012

Hosting Security Celebrity To Deliver Keynote at the Hosting Provider Forum in Vienna

Cyber security expert and philanthropist joins leading VPS Hosting providers at the Hosting Provider Forum in Vienna to share his thoughts on how Hosting Providers can deliver more value, and help drive national economies.

Vienna, Austria 26th November 2012: Local Hosting Security celebrity, Borislav Borislavov, CTO of Bulgarian Hosting and IT Services Provider will deliver the keynote address to Austria’s leading VPS and Hosting Providers at the Hosting Provider Forum this Friday 30th November, in Vienna.

In October Borislavov appeared on a national Bulgarian TV news program as a Cyber security expert to share his expertise and comments on a spate of recent Cyber attacks that resulted in significant data loss from Governmental and technical websites in the country.

Borislavov is renowned not only for his expertise in Cyber security and large scale complex IT systems but also for his work in the Bulgarian start-up scene, actively sponsoring and supporting the growth of the economy by providing advice, expertise and practical help for start-ups to succeed.

Borislavov joins the Hosting Provider Forum in Vienna to share his thoughts on the important and valueable role Hosting Providers can play in the future success of small businesses, start-ups and national economies. He is expected to talk of how Hosting Providers can deliver much greater value to their customers by looking at the entire value chain, from domains and hosting through to security audits, risk mitigation and business class applications.

The Hosting Provider Forum is a small and intimate event to build long lasting relationships and learn from industry leaders. Do not miss the opportunity, register today before it’s too late

About ICN.BG
Internet Corporated Networks (ICN.BG) was founded in 2004. The product portfolio of the brand ICN.BG consists of many acceptable and available domain services and web hosting solutions that have been successfully planned for every business development and success in the global network. We at ICN.BG aim at offering flexible and suitable products and services for our clients’ special needs, and the services range is continuously increasing. At the same time, we keep our price list for our offers and continuously improve their parameters. We do our best for the liability of your data and its storage by liable daily backup, as well as their high connection to our servers.

About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-grade Unified Communications software for service providers to deliver value-added voice and multimedia services over IP-based networks. The Company's software solutions enable service providers to deliver hosted, SaaS, or Cloud-based communications solutions, including Voice over IP (VoIP), Mobile Voice over IP (mVoIP), Unified Communications and converged mobile and fixed-line services cost-effectively at massive scale.

CommuniGate Systems’ open-source cPanel plugin is the industry’s first Unified Communications hosting platform for virtual environments. The Company's software also includes the industry acclaimed CommuniGate Pro, Pronto!, the Unified Communications client for mobile, web and desktop.

For more information including an online demo (no registration required) visit:

For the open-source project visit:

Contact information:
ICN.BG Press Contacts:
Julian Borislavov
Phone: +359 878 246304
Email: j[dot]borislavov[at]icn[dot]bg

CommuniGate Systems Press Contacts:
Scott Stonham
CommuniGate Systems
Phone: +49 30 2589 5018
Email: public-relations[at]communigate[dot]com
Twitter: @communigate

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Note to the Editor.
Why this news is of interest
With the rise of Cloud, most small business are rapidly moving their infrastructure and apps to the Cloud. VPS (Virtual Private Server hosting) is also on the rise because of this, but many hosting providers do not know how to reach this new audience.

Great things await hosting providers if they can capitalise on this momentum, but there’s great risk if small businesses and enterprises are disappointed when with their move to the Cloud.

This event aims to help bring hosting provider leaders together to build relationships and share knowledge that helps them capitalise on the momentum and mitigate the risk.

This is not just another vendor sales pitch
CommuniGate Systems is known for running these local informal events without boring our attendees with sales pitches and presentations. We want to be known as facilitators to the industry. In doing this, we hope our technology shines out and we end up developing new partnerships, but that is secondary to helping the local industry move forward.

Our background:
CommuniGate Systems has been in the email and unified communications industry for the last 20 years. In that time much has changed, and so have we.

In 2011 we realised the upcoming need for VPS hosting providers to be able to provide more powerful solutions to small businesses as the adoption of Cloud begun to rise across the small business community.

In 2012 we worked with VPS providers across Europe to convert our acclaimed CommuniGate Pro technology to work within the virtual environment, leading to the launch of our open-source cPanel plugin and a new way to deliver powerful but cost-effective virtualized business communications services. We believe this is a first in the market and fits the VPS business model much better than any other business focused communication solution for cPanel hosting providers.

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