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Date: 14th February 2013

Sub 10 Systems launches new backhaul solution for small cell roll-out

New Liberator V100 provides high quality, interference-free backhaul links Includes enhanced features requested by operators Company seeks international patent for breakthrough ‘Snapback’ synchronisation

February 14th, 2012, London
UK innovator and mobile network manufacturer, Sub 10 Systems, today announced an extension to its range of millimetre wave, point-to-point wireless backhaul links incorporating breakthrough technology designed to improve resilience in hostile radio conditions.

The new Liberator V100 includes ‘Snapback’ a patent-pending innovation from Sub 10 Systems that enables its links to re-establish synchronisation with the operator’s mobile network almost immediately should the connection be lost for any reason.

Network synchronisation is a vital part of service quality on 3G and next generation mobile digital networks, and the Snapback capability on the new V100 enhances industry standard SyncE support and IEEE 1588 timing protocols to ensure superior synchronisation reliability and speed in even the most hostile radio environments.

Sub 10 CEO Stuart Broome said: “This represents a major breakthrough as other backhaul links on the market can take minutes to recover synchronisation if the link is interrupted for any reason. What’s more, loss of synchronisation relates directly to loss of revenue for the mobile operator,” he added.

“Our V100 can effectively maintain synchronisation where other radio solutions fail to do so,” explained Broome, “allowing the network to ‘Snapback’ almost immediately when the connection is restored. In highly congested city centres and challenging radio environments, the V100 delivers levels of service quality that meet even the most demanding network operator SLAs.”

Designed for use by mobile operators looking to increase network coverage and capacity, the Sub 10 links form a vital role in the “backhaul” of mobile networks - connecting mobile voice and data traffic from the cell site to the high-speed core network.

With the number of mobile operator cell sites required to provide 3G and next generation mobile services expected to increase dramatically in the coming years, delivering high speed backhaul for those sites by cable will become increasingly difficult and costly.

The mass deployment of small cells close to street-level, on city-centre lampposts for example, will demand small, unobtrusive backhaul equipment that is able to deliver consistent service in a challenging radio environment. Sub 10’s small form-factor point-to-point millimetre wave links will deliver cable-free high speed, high capacity wireless backhaul service exactly where it is needed with much lower installation and service costs and unmatched levels of reliability and protection from the interference that can disrupt networks.

Broome added: “We have had great market success with our existing compact V320/V1000 and also our longer-range E1000 products, attracting sales and interest from operators all over the world as well as securing major distribution agreements with leading telecommunications vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent.

“The new V100 – which under the existing agreement will become part of the portfolio offered by Alcatel-Lucent – extends our market-leading compact Liberator range at a very competitive price point and adds an array of new carrier-class features requested by operator partners,” he added.

By setting new industry-leading standards for re-synchronisation, Sub 10 has delivered against a key objective for the operator market. The V100 also includes AES encryption as standard – again meeting an operator request – and delivers 100Mbits per second full-duplex throughput in the 60GHz band.

Sub10 Systems will showcase the Liberator V100 on its booth at the Mobile World Congress (Hall 7 Stand 7I100) in Barcelona in February.

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