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Date: 21st February 2013

Software Design - what does good look like?

The need for new and better software is all around us. Many people are being asked to commit funds and resources to new software projects without understanding what 'good' looks like and how to successfully work with software engineers. Often, software seems like a 'dark art' with its own language and approaches that can be incomprehensible to non-software engineers.

In order to throw some light on the 'dark art', the Technology Strategy Board is organising a seminar at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London on March 6. The seminar will be FREE to attend and participants will:

1. Hear inspiring and thought-provoking talks from those inside and outside the software
2. Find out about the best way to work with software engineers and what good software design looks like
3. Learn what questions you need to ask to make sure you get what you want out of software
4. Learn the tell-tale signs of failure (before it is too late!)
5. Have some software language, process and outcomes demystified
6. Find new approaches to commissioning software that are easier and less time consuming than current approaches.
7. Discuss future TSB competitions in Software Development and how you can benefit from funding to bring down the cost of software.

If you are interested and would like to attend please register at:

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