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Date: 9th April 2013

Our range of cabin platform lifts has just got bigger Stannah adds to their family of platform lifts

Providing solutions for access in the built environment is our business. We introduced our first cabin platform lift in 2009 and have since installed more than 100 cabin platform lifts. Today we have broadened our range to manufacture a cabin platform lift that uses a hydraulic drive as an ideal, cost-effective choice for low-rise situations.

9th April, 2013 Our NEW Stannah Midilift SLplus is a top-of-the-range version of our original hydraulically driven part-enclosed Midilift SL, but with the addition of a full height cabin. We haven’t lost any of the platform space as light rays and safety beams, around the entrance, protect the traveller without restricting the floor area.
It’s easy to install in its own structure, needs a very minimal pit of 70mm for level entry or can be supplied with a ramp and requires headroom of just 2500mm. The lift’s drive system is neatly tucked away in a small cabinet that needs very little space. Of course, our new platform lift complies with all the latest manufacturing and safety standards and is available directly from our manufacturing base in the UK.
The best bit?
The NEW Stannah Midilift SLplus looks and operates just like a conventional passenger lift giving your building fabulous looks without breaking the budget.
Welcome to our extended family of platform lifts.

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• Platform lifts – Designed to carry up to 4 passengers, platform lifts are supplied in their own structure so can go almost anywhere.

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