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Date: 10th April 2013

European Data Centre Association Announce Launch Of 4 New Working Groups

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) has announced the formation of the first Working Groups setup to address specific issues relating to the data centre industry at a European level

Brussels, Belgium - April 10th, 2013. The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) has announced the formation of the first Working Groups setup to address specific issues relating to the data centre industry at a European level. The Working Groups are open to all members of the EUDCA to both join and contribute:

The Regulation and Policy Working Group is looking at the Digital Agenda for Europe and issues relating to power and/or data centres in general. There is a large amount of legislation being proposed that may affect data centres or the wider industry and the EUDCA will consider where it can best apply its influence.

The Data Protection Working Group is established and contributing to the new ISO standard ISO 27018, the 'Code of practice for Data Protection controls for public cloud computing services'. The Working Group is also looking to establish contact with other associations that are working on the same topic. The working group from the EUDCA has already been accepted as an external partner by the ISO JTC1/S27 working group responsible for the development of the new ISO 27018 standard.

The Standards Working Group will be looking at the various standards that either exist, or are proposed. There are existing standards from the Uptime Institute, TIA, The Green Grid, the EU Code of Conduct, (of which the EUDCA is an Endorser), the proposed ISO 56000 and many more organisations. Many of these standards are widely abused and many were, or are, created by commercial organisations. If they are not independent, it is difficult to see their relevance however, at the present time, they may be the best known and therefore most widely referred to. The Standards Working Group is looking across all of these to see if there is common ground and identifying how it might be possible to bring together a European standard that is applicable to all.

The Energy Working Group will be working to enable the EUDCA to guide, influence, and support, the European data centre industry in relation to Energy Policy in addition to supporting country specific energy policy. The group aims to build a common understanding of Europe Grid Status and future plans, to build a common understanding of data centre industry consumption and map the two together. The group will seek to provide innovative proposals to secure future needs and to ensure easy access to energy for the future of the digital economy.

Organisations wishing to join and contribute to the Working Groups should contact secretariat[at]eudca[dot]org or enquire via the website at

About the EUDCA:
As the data centre industry comes to maturity it faces new and ever increasingly difficult challenges. There are lots of organisations and associations that represent data centres either locally, or sometimes nationally, but this is often just not enough. Over the last few years it has become apparent that there is no one association that represents the industry at a European level and no association that represents all aspects of the industry from data centre operators to data centre users, suppliers, consultants and manufacturers.

The objective of the EUDCA is simple:
• To create a professional and sustainable association that provides a collective voice for the industry with respect to regulation and policy issues that may affect it.
• To provide a platform for members to contribute to the establishment of best practice, education, industry leadership and technical standards to which the data centre industry adheres.
• To provide a European voice in the forward development of data centres internationally

The EUDCA also proactively generates ideas that influence debate at technical, environmental and political level. It is easier for external bodies at a European, national and local level to be able to deal with one association, representing a number of interests.

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