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Date: 21st May 2013

MigSolv partners with Next Connex on Open Access Network for Norwich

Europe’s leading independent Computer Room and Data Centre Specialist, MigSolv, has partnered with Next Connex to deliver an Open Access Network into its Norwich data centre.

Norwich, UK - May 21st, 2013. Europe’s leading independent Computer Room and Data Centre Specialist, MigSolv, has partnered with Next Connex to deliver an Open Access Network into its Norwich data centre.

Next Connex will deliver a diversely routed, low latency network into the Norwich Data Centre, directly connecting it to over 200 carriers available at Telehouse North including LINX. Next Connex is also connecting the site directly to its Slough node where it will provide Internet links to the USA and Europe, independently of London Docklands.

Next Connex continues it’s on-going commitment to the provision of flexible, high bandwidth & high availability connectivity to data centres throughout the UK. Next Connex can provide extremely low-latency links, connecting the modern data centre to any carrier with a presence on or near their network.

Bob Griffiths, Sales Director of Next Connex said, “It is a privilege to be working in partnership with MigSolv which has a superb reputation within the UK and across Europe for the delivery of data centre consultancy. The Norwich data centre is actually a pair of identical, highly specified, data centres recently rebuilt to the highest standards we have seen in the UK. Combined with value for money, flexibility and ease of access it is one of the best data centres in the UK.”
MigSolv is uniquely positioned to deliver the Highest Quality Colocation with robust power and cooling as well as industry leading security features. Supported by resilient networking from Next Connex and connections to the widest possible choice of carriers, MigSolv will, no doubt, be the facility of choice for the most discerning of colocation customers.

By combining new and innovative data centres such as MigSolv’s Norwich facility with an Open Access Network Partnership from Next Connex, it is no longer necessary to maintain a costly presence in London’s main carrier exchanges. End users now have a choice in the data centre market whilst maintaining their connectivity relationships with a vast range of available carriers, delivered seamlessly over optical fibre infrastructure.

Alex Rabbetts, CEO of MigSolv said, “We chose Next Connex to be our network infrastructure partner because they are able to design and deliver a scalable, diverse and dedicated open access network, with multiple IP transit routes, that allows us to offer our customers exceptional network connectivity. Customers can now connect to any Carrier with a presence in the UK through a simple fibre link.”

About MigSolv:
MigSolv, (Migration Solutions), is Europe’s leading independent specialist Data Centre Consultancy. Independent of any vendor, MigSolv offers informed, unbiased advice on all aspects of data centre design, operation and migration. Uniquely, MigSolv also operates its own, state-of-the-art, data centre in Norwich meaning that its consultancy is based on real, up-to-date, data centre operational experience and knowledge.

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Contact: David Manning, Operations Director, 0845 251 2255,

About Next Connex:
Next Connex is a Wholesale provider of Data Centre and Internet Infrastructure including Wide Area Networks, Internet Access and colocation. Next Connex operates an 800Km optical fibre network in the UK providing connectivity to Data Centres at low latency and high capacity.

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Contact: Richard Auld, Commercial Director, 0800 902 0902,

Media Contact:
Alex Rabbetts,
CEO, MigSolv,
0845 251 2255

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