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Date: 22nd July 2013

Veris C3 Big Data innovation from AsiaInfo-Linkage changes the face of mobile marketing

AsiaInfo-Linkage (NASDAQ: ASIA), Asia’s leading supplier of BSS systems, has launched its powerful Veris C3 Big Data appliance to international markets.

Beijing/Cambridge, UK, July 22nd 2013: AsiaInfo-Linkage (NASDAQ: ASIA), Asia’s leading supplier of BSS systems, has launched its powerful Veris C3 Big Data appliance to international markets. Veris C3 gives mobile operators the knowledge and the flexibility to ensure they are delivering only relevant ads and offers to their customers. It also uses real-time contextual awareness to ensure that offers are sent at the ideal moment for each individual customer. Existing deployments of Veris C3 in Asia have shown the approach is more than twice as effective as search-based advertising.
Veris C3 is designed around Context – a real-time understanding of where customers are and what they are doing on their mobile devices; Content – the ability to create very specific marketing messages and campaigns; and Control – the ability to target precisely defined customer segments and give end customers real-time control over their opt-in preferences.
Veris C³ processes data from operators’ mobile and Wi-Fi networks to produce sophisticated Data Behavior Insights. Customers who opt in will receive relevant and personalized marketing campaigns and policy changes based on real-time knowledge of their mobile context. Veris C3 further benefits customers by making their data usage transparent, so it is clear which apps generated which data charges on their bills.
Yadong Jin, CTO of AsiaInfo said: “Information about customers’ behaviors is a hugely valuable resource for network operators, but they need to be careful how they monetize this resource. Veris C3 enables operators to be sure that their customers will receive a good mobile marketing experience with highly relevant offers delivered at appropriate times, while respecting individual customers’ privacy.”
Opt-in preferences can be enhanced by the Veris Real-time Self Service application, which gives the customer control as well as generating incentives to opt-in to C3 promotions based on the length of the opt-in period. “Connecting the context of the customer and the context of the network is a really hot topic for operators in Europe. I’ve seen examples of a threefold increase in revenue for the operator using this service,” said TM Forum Ambassador Steve Newton.
According to Justin van der Lande, Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason, “Mobile operators are seeking to unlock the value of their customer knowledge through mobile advertising and making customer insights available to third parties. However, they are aware of the risk of upsetting their customers by inappropriate use of their personal data. Providing highly relevant context aware offers with systems such as Veris C3 that are perceived as a good experience by customers overcomes this dilemma.”
Veris C3 is a rapidly deployable, out of the box enhancement to mobile networks, enabling operators to monetize their customer knowledge – part of AsiaInfo's comprehensive Veris™ portfolio which is already successfully deployed in Asia with some of the world's largest network operators. Veris includes the core solutions of Veris Billing, Veris CRM and Veris BI (Business Intelligence). These products, and some of their industry leading individual components, can be deployed as standalone modules or as complete, pre-integrated solutions. The Veris core portfolio was launched in EMEA earlier this year.

About AsiaInfo-Linkage, Inc.
AsiaInfo-Linkage, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASIA) is a leading provider of high-quality software solutions and IT services to the telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Beijing, we employ more than 11,000 professionals worldwide.
AsiaInfo-Linkage provides a full suite of business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) and associated professional services. Our core Veris™ product suite includes billing and customer care systems that serve nearly a billion subscribers globally, plus business intelligence, network management and security solutions.
Our customers work with us to converge large scale pre- and post-paid mobile operations; improve time to market for new products and services; and develop cost-effective new business models. In China we have more than 50% market share in Billing, CRM and Business Intelligence through our longstanding partnerships with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.
Our aim is to be the leading IT solutions provider to the global telecommunications industry, enabling the Connected Digital Lifestyle, and helping our customers build, maintain, operate and constantly improve their network infrastructure and IT environment. For more information about AsiaInfo-Linkage, please visit

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