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Date: 13th September 2013

Research Media International Innovation partners with leading event in China to support innovation

Research Media International Innovation partners with leading event in China to support innovation

Bristol, UK - September 13th, 2013. UK based Research Media Ltd, who produce the Research Media International Innovation series of publications, is proud to be media partner to the Pujiang Innovation Forum, taking place in Shanghai on 26 – 27 October 2013. Research Media International Innovation actively supports innovation, and the partnership will help to boost business development in China while encouraging further collaborations between domestic and global organisations.

The 6th annual Pujiang Innovation Forum is jointly organised by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Themed ‘Innovation Driven Development and the Role of Enterprises’, Research Media is delighted to be supporting the 2013 event, which over the years has established itself as a leading platform for China’s domestic and international business development.

The Forum will emphasise collaborative and open innovation through the exchange and dissemination of ideas, business philosophies and academic thought from around the world. Speakers will include important representatives from government, academic institutions and enterprises.

As media partner to the 2013 Pujiang Innovation Forum, Research Media will be disseminating the captivating and pioneering discussions from the event. Forthcoming editions of International Innovation will include insightful previews followed by an extensive review of the event, highlighting the issues, strategies and proposals emanating from various key discussions and plenary sessions. Supplemented by in-depth interviews with key speakers, delegates and guests of the Forum, International Innovation is covering the event in detail, bringing readers the most engaging content.

Nick Brake, Director, Research Media said: “Innovation is key to the success of any economy and China is no exception. Rapid progress in science and technology is modifying society and production methods. The International Innovation publications are focused on bridging not just research boundaries but geographic boundaries. I believe that in order to ensure an innovation-driven economy, it is essential that there are strong relationships between politics, industry, academia and research and between countries and regions. I fully support the objectives of the Forum and look forward to the upcoming discussions and value the role that the International Innovation publications will play in disseminating key research in China and in bringing Chinese research to the rest of the world”.

International Innovation is the leading open access global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities. Available both digitally and in print, International Innovation is free of charge and keeps subscribers up-to-date with cutting-edge developments in science, technology, healthcare, European and US research. Users can access, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to all articles in the publications without asking prior permission from the publisher or author.

Vanilla Ni from the Center for Pujiang Innovation Forum said: “Pujiang Innovation Forum is delighted to be partnering with Research Media due to their worldwide professional reputation and the values that we share. We are confident the partnership will be a great success and is an excellent opportunity for further cooperation between Europe and China in the field of science and technology innovation”.

Attendance at the Pujiang Innovation Forum represents a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in innovation and keen to enter the Chinese market. Subscribers to International Innovation get a 15% discount on registrations plus additional discounts offered by the event organisers apply. To find out more about International Innovation and to subscribe for free, visit:

For further information and to register for the Pujiang Innovation Forum visit: To guarantee the 15% discount, registrants must select Research Media as ‘Invitation From’ in the registration form.

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