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Date: 10th October 2013

ISPM joins Digital Health Initiative at TM Forum’s Digital Disruption 2013, October 28th – 31st, San Jose McEnery Convention Center

eHealth – Curing the Complexity through TM Forum’s Collaborative Catalyst Program

Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 10th, 2013.
ISPM, a leading vendor of flexible service assurance and management software for telecommunications and IT infrastructure announces that it is participating in TM Forum’s Digital Health Initiative through the “eHealth - Curing the Complexity” Catalyst project which will be demonstrated at Digital Disruption 2013, Oct. 28th-31st, in San Jose, Calif.

The healthcare industry is limited in its ability to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital services because of a lack of interoperability among the key players and systems. Business interoperability requires a common language that will enable efficient delivery of digital health services. The key needs according to care providers are standardization and interoperability to improve patient care and experience.

ISPM is bringing its proven expertise in Service Quality Management, based on the Business Process Framework (eTOM), to the medical services domain. In particular, ISPM is focused on eHealth and home care, leveraging best practice in ICT and eHealth concepts to deliver new and optimised processes such as medical service quality and patient health quality management.

TM Forum’s Catalysts are short-term collaborative projects led by members of TM Forum. The participating companies create solutions that address today's most pressing operational and systems challenges and develop and enhance TM Forum best practices and standards, including Frameworx.

“When we achieved TM Forum’s Frameworx Conformance Certification, it was a significant milestone for us,” commented Bruno Musa, CTO of ISPM. “By joining the eHealth – Curing the Complexity Catalyst project, we are helping demonstrate how Frameworx can be applied across different business segments and verticals to solve real problems – and there are few more important than ensuring more effective delivery of healthcare.”

The goal behind this Catalyst project is to develop a set of common practices and processes, based on the Frameworx model that can support each domain and activity. Team members involved in the project include champions: China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and Rogers Communications; and participants: BaseN, Cisco Systems, Detecon International, Ericsson, ISPM, TOA Technologies; and supporters: MedPal, Open GeoSpatial Consortium and Open mHealth.

“Healthcare is a complex environment involving critical situations and multiple stakeholders,” noted Craig Bachmann, director, industry initiatives, TM Forum. “This Catalyst project demonstrates how Frameworx can successfully be used by a service provider to support service delivery and assurance of digital care at home. We welcome the participation of ISPM and appreciate their expertise and experience in ensuring consistent service assurance and quality of experience.”

The collaborative projects in TM Forum’s Catalyst program showcase innovation and demonstrate how key stakeholders can leverage best practice to solve critical problems. The output of this project will highlight common approaches and processes that can be applied to a range of healthcare topics, such as patient-friendly data presentation, management of non-medical information, data analytics, scheduling of patient visits and appointments, and more, with a particular emphasis on medical service delivery in the home and post-operative care. Expected benefits include greater repeatability, faster time to market, enhanced scale and new business models.

At the culmination of these projects, the teams have the opportunity to showcase their solutions in live demonstrations at TM Forum flagship events. Ten Catalyst projects will be presented at Digital Disruption.

To find out more about how ISPM’s expertise and, in particular its agile development practices can help, you can meet the team at in Expo Booth 12 at Digital Disruption.

About ISPM:
ISPM is a leading vendor of flexible service assurance and management software for telecommunications and IT infrastructure. Today, we actively manage more than 100,000 critical resources.

We are experts in delivering outstanding service assurance and management solutions, enabling our customers to optimise service performance, enhance customer experience and create new revenue opportunities.

Since 1998, ISPM has implemented projects in leading Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and in large retail, finance and infrastructure companies, supporting them in both operational efficiency and customer service.

ISPM serves global customers, with global standards (ITIL, FCAPS, eTOM) and global partners (InfoVista, EMC, eG Innovations, Fluke Networks and QlickView).

In addition, the company is a member of the TM Forum, a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation.

Bruno Musa
Tel: +55 11 98963 5570

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