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Date: 12th November 2013

Is your business safe from cyber attack? This free awareness workshop will provide you with sensible, understandable information and answers.

We all hear a lot about cyber threat, but much of the advice may seem technically challenging and is often relegated down a list of business priorities.

Bath, UK, 12th November 2013.  – Help is at hand! This free half-day workshop brings you a wealth of information on simple and achievable protection against cyber threats to your business along with advice on insured protection against mishap.
Places are limited so please register here: 2-5pm Monday 18th November 2013. University of Bath Innovation Centre, Carpenter House, Broad Quay, Bath, BA1 iUD.
This workshop is brought to you by ICT KTN, BIS, IASME, Get Safe Online, Key IQ and Sutcliffe & Co. Insurance.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the threat from cyber attacks but it's simple to defend yourself against the majority of them. This workshop will explain the most common attacks and advise you how you can protect your business in a sensible and appropriate fashion. It's also possible to insure your business against mishap and the workshop will show you how.

For further information please contact:
Tony Dyhouse, ICT KTN. Mobile 07961 542544

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