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Date: 15th October 2007

NemeriX delivers industry's first scalable hosted & stand-alone A-GPS platform targeting multi-wireless needs of handset customers

New platform enables customers to develop embedded hosted A-GPS and integrated wireless technologies on one platform and achieve Q3-2008 design-in targets

October 15, 2007, Manno Switzerland – NemeriX, a leading provider of A-GPS semiconductor solutions, announced today the release of its 4th generation A-GPS navigation platform: the NemeriX NX4.

This modular, scalable, hosted & stand-alone A-GPS navigation solution directly targets the strategic roadmaps of mobile handset vendors. Like the three NemeriX GPS generations which precede it, the NX4 is designed to be an industry leader on low power and high sensitivity, provide top tier performance (e.g., tracking, TTFF time-to-first-fix), and have the lowest bill-of-materials (BOM).

Commensurate with record investments in the GPS space, large mobile handset vendors (and suppliers) are demanding single-package, GPS-enabled multi-wireless solutions by the third quarter of 2008, followed by total wireless integration shortly thereafter. The NX4 platform provides users with the ability to choose hosted or stand-alone A-GPS architectures within a single chip, as well as migration to 65nm RFCMOS and integrated baseband for multi-wireless applications (e.g., BlueTooth, WiFi, and FM). The NX4 has already been selected by a major handset provider as its next GPS solution – proving the NX4’s outstanding performance and flexibility.

“Our customers are clear that they want a high-performance, low-power single-package, GPS-enabled multi-wireless solution no later than the second half of 2008 and a single-die multi-wireless 65nm RFCMOS solution by 2010,” states Luc Seraphin, Managing Director of NemeriX. “Already having a Tier 1 kick-off customer for the NX4 is a tribute to NemeriX’s four generations of GPS know-how since 2002 and a clear validation that the NX4 can enable our partners’ roadmaps.”

“GPS capability is turning out to be the “keystone” of the mobile phone industry. Compared to the -75dBm sensitivity typical of other wireless devices, GPS’s -162dBm sensitivity makes it the bottleneck to wireless integration. Coupled with the GSM base-band integration aspect of hosted-GPS architectures, this means that once the new multi-wireless solutions are designed-in, starting at the end of 2008, they will be very hard to displace. The barriers to entry will be enormous. GPS is quietly but fundamentally changing the rules of the mobile handset game. Suppliers with GPS capabilities will find this a lucrative development. However, those without GPS may find themselves out of the mobile handset business before they know it,” commented Eric Achtmann, Vice Chairman of NemeriX.

About NemeriX
Founded in April 2002, NemeriX S.A. (Manno, Switzerland) is a venture-backed fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power GPS and LBS integrated circuits, software and firmware for GPS and wireless applications. With the release of NX4, NemeriX has four generations of low-power, high performance, stand-alone, hosted, A-GPS experience. NemeriX’s devices enable battery¬ powered location determination anywhere, anytime, facilitating the design and manufacture of truly differentiated products and an enhanced consumer experience.
NemeriX’s investors include Atila Ventures, Auriga Partners, Cadence, Oak Investment Partners, PolyTechnos Venture-Partners, and Vi Venture Incubator.
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