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Date: 2nd March 2015

Android users can create Hidden Spaces

Graphite Software releases Secure Spaces 3.0

Barcelona, 2nd March 2015 –  Graphite Software, the company behind Secure Spaces for Android, has today announced version 3.0, providing users to store private apps, messages and accounts with the new Hidden Space feature. In addition, Secure Spaces 3.0 adds support for Android Lollipop, a range of integration options and many other important enhancements.

Not all information is meant to be shared or made public. The Hidden Space provides a secret, secure “device within a device” for the most important apps and data. A Hidden Space is for the device owner’s eyes only, and will only become visible when accessed from a special app in the Owner Space. API support enables developers to create their own access method, such as using gestures or integration with the launcher. Every Secure Spaces device includes the Hidden Space, whether used or not.

“The Hidden Space usage remains undetectable to anyone else using, or with access to, the device,” said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software. “Many countries allow warrantless search of smartphones and tablets, so people need strong encryption technology to protect their privacy.”

Secure Spaces 3.0 also delivers support for Android 5.0 and takes advantage of many of the new operating system enhancements. Secure Spaces 3.0 enables multiple integration options, including a “lite” integration version of Secure Spaces that provides many of the same Space management features while accelerating time to market.

Alec continues: “This update follows the launch of our Secure Spaces Cloud Management Service, providing users of Secure Spaces with even more options to enhance their mobile user experience with opt-in services from a variety of sources and to benefit from multiple separate spaces.”

Graphite Software's Secure Spaces for Android gives users choice in their mobile experience. Users can use any app and service they want without having to lose control of their personal information. For more information on Graphite Software, please visit

About Graphite Software’s Secure Spaces:
Secure Spaces for Android gives users choice of their mobile experience, enabling customization and new apps without losing control of their personal information. Supporting both user-defined and downloadable "Spaces" the potential use cases are limited only by the imagination of the device owner or a curator in the cloud. By enabling multiple Spaces on a single device Graphite Software has redefined the mobile user experience.
For more information on Secure Spaces, please visit
For more information on Graphite Software, please visit

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Issued on behalf of Graphite Software by Jargon PR. For further information or to arrange an interview with Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software or Paul Litva, CSO and SVP of Business Development at Mobile World Congress, please email Sam Mohr at sam.mohr[at]jargonpr[dot]com or call +44 (0) 7713 979 338

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