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Date: 1st October 2015

Cortus Marks 10th Anniversary

Second decade for Cortus begins with over forty licensees and over 800 million integrated circuits manufactured containing APS processor IP.

Montpellier, France, 1st October 2015Cortus, a technology leader in low-power, silicon-efficient, 32-bit processor IP, announced that it has reached its tenth anniversary. Over the last ten years Cortus has been used in a wide range of applications including wireless, SIM cards, video processing, touchscreen controllers for smartphones, IoT devices, smart CMOS image sensors, industrial control, pay TV cards, e-Passports, automotive smart sensors and hardware security solutions.

Cortus, founded in Montpellier by Michael Chapman and Duc Nguyen Huu, is focused on processor and peripheral IP for SoCs and ASICs. The original vision of the company was to create a minimalist 32-bit processor core with a silicon footprint equivalent to an 8-bit core. Such a core would offer considerably more processor power than an 8-bit core thus saving clock cycles and dynamic power. Since then Cortus has launched two families of 32-bit cores which have been used for a wide range of embedded applications.

“Our vision of delivering silicon efficient, low power 32-bit cores has been vindicated by the market”, said Mr. Michael Chapman, President and CEO at Cortus, “Not only have our cores been used in applications as diverse as SIM cards, smart sensors and video processing, but our competition has followed suit”. He adds, “As Cortus enters its second decade we see exploding demand for minimalist cores particularly with the convergence of sensors, wireless and security in IoT edge devices.”

Significant milestones for Cortus in the last decade included:
•    October 2005 company started
•    April 2006 Cortus launched APS3 core
•    July 2007 first testchip containing Cortus APS3 manufactured
•    October 2008 first licensee goes into volume production with Cortus core on board
•    September 2009 first video processing project announced with SightIC in Israel
•    January 2010 Coronis announce Cortus selected for wireless smart metering platform
•    June 2010 StarChip tapes-out first of many Cortus-based SIM controller ICs
•    May 2011 first touchscreen controller project with Taegee in Korea
•    September 2011 Cortus wins Siemens Grand Prix in Town of Tomorrow category
•    February 2012 Cortus announces family of 4 products
•    September 2012 Discretix reveals that Cortus used in CryptoCell® security platforms
•    February 2013 Newport Media (now Atmel) announce Cortus-based Wi-Fi controller for IoT
•    June 2013 Microsemi in California announces Cortus-based smart sensor interfaces
•    October 2013 Cortus opens office in Sunyvale, Silicon Valley
•    April 2014 Cortus opens office in Bundang, Republic of Korea
•    April 2015 Pyxalis announces that smart CMOS image sensors use Cortus
•    October 2014 Cortus announces v2 instruction set and two new processor cores
•    February 2015 four RTOS and middleware vendors announce support for Cortus
•    June 2015 Cortus announces new Development Platform

Cortus licenses a range of low power, silicon efficient, 32-bit processor cores supporting a range of computational performance and supporting different system complexity. The cores start from entry-level 32-bit cores suitable for upgrading 8-bit cores to cores supporting caches, co-processors and symmetric multiprocessing systems. They share the simple vectored interrupt structure, which ensures rapid, real time interrupt response, with low software overhead. All APS processor cores interface to Cortus’ peripherals including Ethernet 10/100 MAC, USB 2.0 Device and USB 2.0 OTG via the efficient APS bus.

Cortus will be exhibiting at Semicon Europa in Dresden, Germany from 6-8th September 2015 at Booth #2094

About Cortus S.A.S.:
Cortus S.A.S. is a technology enabler for rapidly growing applications including Internet of Things (IoT), wearable electronic devices, smart sensors and security. It has specialised in 32-bit processor cores which can significantly reduce manufacturing costs while achieving computational performance and power constraints. Over 800 million devices containing Cortus cores are used in a wide range of applications including automotive, CMOS imaging, M2M controllers, secure execution, sensors, SIM cards, PayTV cards, touchscreen controllers, smart metering and wireless. Cortus’ headquarters are in Montpellier, France

For further information please contact:
Roddy Urquhart
+44 753 158 7023

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