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Date: 21st December 2015

Parents find new white knight to fight a rapid rise in their childrens’ addiction to internet devices

haandle kicks off Crowdcube campaign to launch its new product. Helping families with internet usage on home wifi, external wifi and mobile internet. Patent pending technology allowing parents to schedule usage any network, anywhere, anytime.

Sheffield, UK, 21st December 2015 – Parents worry about their children, it's their job, but the near endless access to the internet now available in both the home and outside had created so many more things to worry about. They report it feels like a losing battle with concerns about lack of sleep, missed school grades, poor attention spans and a constant worry that “I just don’t know who they are talking to online”. Widespread reporting in the media now points to children averaging 4-6 hours online a day, on tablets, mobiles and computers.  This isn’t just in the home, its out and about at friends’ houses, at school, in public wifi hotspots and on their mobile, all seemingly whenever they want.  In today’s ever increasing technological world, a child’s development, happiness and safety can be compromised wherever they are.  These virtual threats via the Internet are an ever increasing concern for all parents in this 24/7 connected World. 

The only answer until now has been for parents to limit their children’s internet time in the home on the WiFi router.  A number of broadband providers offer this but it doesn’t work well, and can’t tackle the ‘total screen time’ across multiple devices or work outside the home on WiFi and the mobile network. But at last this problem has been solved. A new UK start-up called Haandle Ltd has created and patented a new technology that works on all the devices used by children and keeps a track and limits their total usage whether inside the house or outside throughout the day.

While the beauty of the internet may be that children have access to everything they need to learn about the world in which they live to broaden their horizons, there is a dark side. This free access leaves open the door to obsessive levels of games and rich content, sexting, inappropriate content, cyber bullying, self harming and risks of grooming. Parent’s don’t want to stay worried, they want the ability to limit these risks. 

So the founders at Haandle, having first-hand experience of cyber issues, wanted to help other parents protect their children.  They devised and patented a product that plugs into your router and with the help of an App on the child’s phone, sets usage times.  It is tamper proof so the child cannot change the settings and works anywhere on any network, whether at home or out and about.

The team at Haandle have now opened up a crowd-funding project with to take the product to the next level and add content filtering and deep message analysis to help parents address more potential threats to their childrens’ online happiness. Come and join the revolution in internet parental control at


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