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Date: 4th October 2016

FiberTower Launches Wireless Technology From CCS

The First Self-Organizing 24GHz System In The U.S. Supports 5G Infrastructure

4th October 2016 – Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS), a multipoint-to-multipoint wireless backhaul and transport systems provider, and FiberTower, the leading developer of licensed wide-area millimeter wave service solutions, today announced that FiberTower has received the CCS Metnet system which is intended for immediate deployment. 

With CCS Metnet, FiberTower is delivering to its customers a wireless backhaul, transport and 5G infrastructure solution that provides both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight connectivity.   CCS Metnet is the only self-organizing microwave backhaul system that is FCC-certified for operation in the 24GHz spectrum band.   Application opportunities for the 24GHz solution include small cell and fixed wireless broadband backhaul, and fiber extension.
 “The FiberTower purchase marks the first delivery in North America of our 24GHz self-organizing backhaul and transport system,” said CCS CEO and Co-Founder Steve Greaves.  “We see in FiberTower a serious 24 GHz licensee and proven developer of millimeter wave small cell and 5G solutions that is dedicated to highly scalable service offerings.”

“CCS, as the world’s first creator of self-organizing 24GHz broadband backhaul and transport systems, provides FiberTower with a low-profile, easy to deploy, multipoint-to-multipoint solution capable of half-gigabit throughput,” said Joseph Sandri, FiberTower co-president. “It provides our customers with carrier-grade broadband signal up to 2km from each unit.”

Each unit covers a 270-degree area and every 100 milliseconds sweeps the sector to look for other units to connect with. The Metnet solution meets key requirements for high capacity and low latency, reliability, rapid deployment and easy scalability at low cost, in a small, discreet design.

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About Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS):
CCS (Cambridge Communication Systems) is a specialist in self-organizing wireless backhaul for small cell, WiFi, CCTV, smart city and enterprise access applications.

Our Metnet system delivers reliable, high performance that dynamically adapts to capacity demands and optimises spectrum usage, is quick to deploy, and easily scaled at low cost. Its small, discreet design is ideal for installation on lampposts, sides of buildings and roofs. Based on a unique multipoint-to-multipoint architecture, it delivers high availability and resiliency, with more flexibility to handle the deployment challenges at street level.

Metnet enables deployment in an ad hoc, organic way to rapidly improve quality of service in capacity hotspots or coverage not-spots today, while laying the foundations for the change in network architectures anticipated with 5G.

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About FiberTower:
FiberTower owns exclusively licensed wide-area authorizations in the 24GHz and 39GHz bands, where it develops and deploys an array of industry-leading high capacity solutions for carriers, enterprises, municipalities and government. FiberTower has a long history of investment in new technologies in the 24GHz and 39GHz bands.

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