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Date: 22nd October 2010

Toumaz Technology Announces Availability of Sensium™ Life Pebble Wireless Vital Signs Monitor

Wireless Body-Worn Module Now CE-Marked for Sale in EU; Available For Immediate Use In New Generation Healthcare Monitoring

Abingdon, United Kingdom, October 22 2009 – Toumaz Technology Limited, the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions, today announces availability of the Sensium™ Life Pebble – a non-intrusive, body-worn wireless vital signs monitor that delivers real-time, high-quality data for healthcare applications. The Sensium Life Pebble module has been awarded a CE mark and is now available in the EU and all other countries that have adopted the CE standard for certified medical devices.

The Sensium™ Life Pebble TZ203082 is an ultra small, ultra-low power body-worn device that continuously monitors common vital signs – including ECG, heart rate, skin temperature, and physical activity – and streams data over a short range wireless link to a Sensium™ USB Network Adapter. The acquired clinical quality data is ready for incorporation into an electronic health record. The system’s SensiumSoft development software enables easy integration into larger systems.

Simple to use and robust in operation, the Life Pebble provides a powerful and flexible solution for physiological monitoring, including continuous vital sign studies, rehabilitation and assisted living programmes, and in professional sports applications. Key functionality offered by the Life Pebble device includes:

- Wireless monitoring of heart rate and activity optimised for ambulatory conditions
- Accurate electrically-derived heart rate from R to R peak measurements
- 3-axis accelerometer to detect and measure physical activity
- Skin temperature sensor
- Robust data communication, even in noisy channels
- Up to 5 days’ operational use on a single hearing aid battery
- Light weight and ultra-small size (20gm with LR44 battery, excluding EKG leads)

The Life Pebble is based on new generation Sensium™ wireless technology that has been specifically designed for Body Area Networks (BANs) and non-intrusive physiological monitoring. Integrated intelligence and user programming offer a wide range of features and operating modes that can be readily configured according to application or regulatory requirements. Multiple sensor data can be transmitted continuously in raw form, or pre-processed in the Life Pebble itself to report only adverse or notable events, for example, automatic detection of falls or cardiac arrhythmias. As part of the Sensium ecosystem, multiple Life Pebbles may used in a plug-and-play body area network or integrated with other Sensium-enabled devices to provide new insights in physiology and care. A version of the Life Pebble for use in professional sports applications is in prototype.

“With the achievement of CE marking and the commercial availability of the Sensium Life Pebble, our Sensium technology is coming of age. Sensium is now being validated as a technology capable of delivering medical devices that provide clinical quality data but in form factors that offer the look, feel and experience of consumer products,” comments Keith Errey, CEO and Co-Founder of Toumaz Technology. He adds: “Sensium technology is establishing a new baseline that will have immediate and lasting impact on how we understand human physiology and how this can be democratised and placed in the hands of everyone who wishes to improve their health, change their lifestyle for the better or improve their performance in the sports and activities of their choosing.”

The Sensium Life Pebble ships with a full implementation kit, including Sensium USB Network Adapter and SensiumSoft development software. For more information about Sensium Life Pebble, please visit:

Members of the media interested in scheduling a briefing with Toumaz can do so by contacting Nicky Denovan at toumaz[at]evokedset[dot]com.

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About Toumaz Technology (
Toumaz Technology Limited is the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions.

Toumaz’s ultra low-power smart sensor interface and transceiver platform – Sensium™ – enables non-intrusive, real-time wireless monitoring of multiple vital signs for a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle management applications. Based on Toumaz’s patented ultra-low power Advanced Mixed Signal (AMx)™ technology, the Sensium provides the enabling technology to connect the mobile individual to healthcare providers – simply, affordably and unobtrusively.

For healthcare professionals, this transforms the possibilities for pro-active monitoring and improved quality of care. For patients, it delivers new opportunities for lifestyle-compatible, personalised healthcare, as well as better therapeutic outcomes.


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