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Date: 10th April 2020

Rapid, lab-free COVID-19 test being developed by Imperial team delivers results in just over an hour

New DnaNudge Lab-in-Cartridge test beginning evaluation on patients – requiring no lab and significantly reducing 1-2 day wait for results


London, United Kingdom, April 10th 2020 – Imperial College London’s Regius Professor of Engineering, Chris Toumazou FRS, is working with clinical researchers to test a rapid, lab-free PCR test that detects COVID-19 and delivers results in just over an hour.

The Lab-in-Cartridge rapid tests – based on Professor Toumazou’s DnaNudge consumer DNA testing innovation – have been clinically validated after a successful initial trial on COVID-19 patients and are continuing to validate on larger patient groups. The evaluation, which began in recent days, will now involve large-scale clinical testing with a view to extensive national roll-out, as part of the drive to meet the UK government’s testing targets.

The Department of Health and Social Care has procured 10,000 DnaNudge COVID-19 RNA testing cartridges to roll out to clinical sites. The Department of Health’s new COVID-19 Testing Strategy cited the work as among “Encouraging innovators that are producing promising new types of tests”.

Experts at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are working with the Imperial College London and DnaNudge team to enable the new test to be applied to patients and staff if it continues to prove successful.

A key advantage of DnaNudge’s solution is that the RNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test requires no sample handling and is able to deliver processing outside of a laboratory environment – using DnaNudge’s patented and miniaturised “NudgeBox” analyser, which can be used anywhere. With results delivered in a little over an hour, the technology has the potential to offer a substantial improvement on current lab-based PCR testing times – which take at least 1-2 days before a patient can receive the results. The swab can be placed directly into the cartridge and then straight into the box for analysis. 

Professor Christofer Toumazou, CEO and co-founder of DnaNudge and founder of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, said: “Early validation results for our technology in the COVID-19 patient study have been excellent. The DnaNudge test was developed as a lab-free, on-the-spot consumer service that can be delivered at scale, so we clearly believe it offers very significant potential in terms of mass population testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Professor Graham Cooke, NIHR Research Professor of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London, leading the clinical development said “This is one of the most exciting technologies I’ve seen in this area, particularly because it avoids the need for any sample handling. Our early results are very encouraging and now we need to see how the test performs in different clinical settings and understand where it might have the biggest impact on care at this critical time.”

The technology builds on a series of innovations developed by Professor Toumazou and his team at Imperial’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, originally with other applications in mind. These advances include novel integration between biochemistry microfluidics, electronic circuits and miniaturisation based on smartphone technology.

Professor Nick Jennings, Vice Provost (Research and Enterprise) at Imperial College London, said: “We urgently need to increase coronavirus testing capacity, which is why Chris Toumazou’s innovations are so welcome. In normal times, Imperial researchers constantly seek to apply their discoveries for societal benefit. In this time of crisis, it is heartening to see so many colleagues think laterally and flexibly as they help improve NHS capacity and our understanding of COVID-19.”

Professor Toumazou, one of the world’s foremost biomedical engineers, is among the many Imperial researchers repurposing their expertise and resources to fight COVID-19. Among his colleagues are some of the world’s leading epidemiologists, virologists, diagnosticians, and frontline health workers redeploying labs, people and technologies as they work round-the-clock to help defeat coronavirus. 

The DnaNudge in-store DNA testing service, which this coronavirus test is based on, was launched to consumers in November 2019.  The service currently focuses on nutrition, analysing and mapping users’ genetic profile to key nutrition-related health traits.  With the results of a quick, one-time test, customers can use a DnaNudge smartphone App or wrist-worn DnaBand to scan product barcodes in the majority of major UK supermarkets, and discover whether a food product is “red” or “green” for their unique genetic make-up. The test has been converted to detect the RNA of COVID-19.

DnaNudge is an Imperial College London spinout with labs at the College’s White City Campus.

The test was developed in collaboration with TTP in Cambridge, where the CEO and core development team are Imperial alumni.


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For further information, contact Andrew Scheuber (Imperial) on +44 (0)20 7594 8197 and or Nicky Denovan (DnaNudge) on +44 (0) 118 328 2782

About Professor Chris Toumazou FRS

Professor Chris Toumazou FRS is a multi-award-winning inventor, innovator and tech entrepreneur with over 80 granted patents in the field of consumer healthcare and microchip technology. He is London’s first Regius (Royal) Professor of Engineering and founder of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London.

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About DnaNudge (

DnaNudge is the world’s first service to use your own DNA plus your lifestyle to nudge you towards healthier choices each time you shop.

Following a quick and simple DNA test at our flagship store in London’s Covent Garden, you can start using your wrist-worn DnaBand to scan product barcodes and discover whether a food product is “red” or “green” for you.  If the product is indicated as “green”, you’re good to go.  If the product is “red”, your DnaNudge App will display a range of personalised recommended alternatives generated by our science-led analytics based on world-class research.  The DnaBand also incorporates a physical inactivity monitor, enabling the App to adapt its recommended product choices based on your inactivity levels, helping to keep your DNA healthy. With NudgeMatch, you can even tap DnaBands with your friends and see which DNA traits you have in common.

Everyday, small product swaps can lead to big, positive changes to your health over the long term. No more impossible diets or best intentions – just realistic, actionable, personal DNA and lifestyle-based recommendations when you’re shopping.


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