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Date: 6th November 2009

IP Security System Delivers Educational, Financial and Security Benefits at Manchester School

Pupil attainment up, incidents of poor behaviour down, teaching efficiency and school security enhanced following installation of CCTV system by Schneider Electric

6th November 2009 - Pupil attainment levels went up and incidents of poor behaviour dropped dramatically after a CCTV system was installed at Newall Green High School by security solutions specialist Schneider Electric.

In fact, the CCTV system made such a positive impact on security, safety and education within the school in its first few months’ operation, that Neil Wilson, the Manchester school’s head, ordered its expansion to cover their adjacent sixth form buildings in advance of the Winter term.

Classroom cameras enhance the learning environment
Classroom teachers have their camera on permanent record, and use it as part of their learning and teaching strategies. The camera also records any incidents of poor behaviour, and staff had occasion to show footoage to parents.

Crucially, it is the teacher who has control over who has access to the recorded footage, while the headteacher retains the rights over allowing access out of school. The professional associations were fully consulted, as were the staff, and the recording of lessons is now a permanent part of life in the school.

Chris Perry NASUWT representative and Head of ICT at Newall Green High School commented: “All staff value the use of classroom cameras, which have had a very positive impact on how teachers can do their jobs. Incidents of poor behaviour and vandalism have been reduced because of the monitoring, while teachers have no worries about being constantly observed because they have ownership of the footage”.

Importantly for head teacher Neil Wilson, as well as improved security, the CCTV system also brings the school valuable operational and educational benefits. He explains: “Since the CCTV cameras were installed, pupil attainment levels have risen and the number of incidents has fallen.

“A secure and safe school environment is fundamental to our pupils being able to make the most of their education, and the operating system supports everyone - staff and students,” added Wilson. “CCTV and audio footage is used both as a monitoring solution and also a teacher / learning development tool, with teachers asking for recordings of certain lessons to be kept and using them in e-portfolios and for lesson recaps.

Schneider Electric Security Project Engineer Ian Hanson commented: “By working in partnership with ICT provider Ramesys and the Newall Green’s e-learning coordinator, Matt King, we have been able to deliver an on-budget customised solution which exceeded the school’s initial expectations.

“The additional non-security benefits of the CCTV system played a key role in Schneider Electric’s Building Business, then known as TAC UK, being asked to expand the CCTV system to incorporate the sixth form this Summer.”

ICT provider Ramesys and Schneider Electric worked together to develop and install an integrated CCTV solution that monitored classroom activity with real time video and audio recording, as well as helping to secure the building and ensure the safety of pupils and staff within a comfortable learning environment.

Two IP-based systems were specified: one for classroom monitoring and a general security system for all other internal and external areas of the school. Both systems use the school’s own IT network, which enabled significant installation time and cost savings to be made.

A Pelco Endura virtual IP matrix, with 52 static and 10 fully functional IP dome cameras, provides coverage of the building’s exterior and corridors, while a further 44 IP cameras cover all the classrooms.

In addition, each new classroom has both video and audio surveillance that captures any incidents within the classrooms for subsequent review.

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1. The general security CCTV system:
• A Pelco Endura (full IP solution) system consisting of:
• Pelco Spectra IV IP PTZ cameras
• IP110 Camclosure
• A main control workstation
• Two Virtual Matrix Controllers
• Two high specification Network video recorders, recording at 25 ips 2 cif for 14 days

2. Classroom monitoring system
• Axis 216 FD/V cameras in all classrooms
• 1 Storage network server - giving archive for three days’ worth of recording (as specified in the policy document written and agreed to by the whole school – pupils, teachers and staff).
• 1 Workstation - for control and archive of the monitoring of all cameras.

3. Expansion to cover the school’s sixth form college:
• 15 IP110 Camclosures
• 3 Spectra IV IP,PTZ cameras
• 10 Axis cameras
• Upgraded storage capacity

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