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Date: 23rd November 2009

NetDev launches new Conference Controller enterprise conferencing application for the iPhone

Conference Controller allows mobile workers to access enterprise conferencing capabilities from their handset.

NetDev Ltd, a leading independent software vendor (ISV) for telecoms service providers, today announced availability of a revolutionary new widget for the iPhone that allows users to manage enterprise conferencing sessions from their iPhone. In the near future, the Conference Controller widget will also be made available for other brands of smartphone.

“Audio conferencing is a critical business application, but in today’s mobile world people want to manage their conference sessions with more convenience, not just from their desk phone, but also from their iPhone or smartphone”, said John Logsdon, CEO of Net Dev Ltd.

He added: “Smartphones have rapidly become must-have business tools and it seems natural to deliver a complementary application that allows users to control and manage their conference sessions directly from the handset. We chose the iPhone, but we plan to implement the widget for other popular brands in the near future”.

Traditional conferencing solutions have required desktop-client software or dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) – ‘touch tone’ – phone menus for manually controlling and managing conference calls, which had posed a challenge for mobile workers requiring access to enterprise conferencing capabilities.

However, users of NetDev’s advanced CIE conferencing platform can use the Conference Controller widget to initiate, manage and terminate sessions from an intuitive application on their iPhone, which integrates seamlessly with their address books and the conferencing server. Participants can simply be invited to, or removed from a session using the iPhone’s touch screen.

The new widget provides an alternative to desktop-client software or traditional DTMF menu-driven options that can present challenges for the mobile worker. With NetDev’s solution, deployed by major carriers around the world, users of the CIE conferencing solution can simply download the widget to their iPhone or smartphone of choice.

“The iPhone changed the game for ease of use of applications. In the same way, the NetDev Conference Controller is a huge step forward from DTMF driven conference sessions,” said Logsdon.

Smartphone devices have experienced rapid sales growth globally, exceeding 12% in Q1 2009(1) alone, creating demand for integration between devices and applications. Cross platform integration and enhanced user experience is becoming critical to the enterprise. The NetDev conference control widget provides an elegant solution to the problem and promotes seamless enterprise integration.
NetDev’s CIE Conferencing suite is available for immediate deployment with service providers offering hosted services to enterprises and other partners. It includes a comprehensive RESTful web services API, allowing service providers to offer simple, cost-effective mashup capabilities to their partners and customers.

(1) “Dataquest Insight: Market Share for Mobile Devices, 1Q09.", Gartner, Inc

About NetDev:

NetDev is an independent telecoms software developer, specialised in developing and integrating next-generation, carrier-grade applications and services for the communications marketplace.

NetDev’s expertise lies in creating applications and services for fixed and mobile network operators, service providers and global systems integrators.
All applications are feature-rich, scalable, open, and built to industry standards and can be deployed on legacy and disparate systems, as well as the evolving multi-vendor networks of the future.

Formed in 2003, but with expertise in NGN IN services spanning back to the early 1990’s, the Development team’s experience includes implementing and supporting ground breaking IN services for World leading telcos and service providers.

NetDev is a new breed of applications developer: expert, innovative and nimble. Small enough to be agile, responsive and accountable, yet big enough to develop, deliver and support the largest global converged services projects for an international market.

Key Contacts:
Claire Marshall, +44 1273 773661

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