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Date: 28th April 2010

Weleda Using SCHEMA ST4 for tasks of Packaging and Labelling

Weleda AG Schwäbisch Gmünd has been using SCHEMA's XML editing and content management system for the creation of their pharmaceutical product information and packaging

April 28 2010 - Nürnberg. For creating their pharmaceutical product information and packaging, Weleda AG Schwäbisch Gmünd has been using SCHEMA's XML editing and content management system. The associated tasks are done with SCHEMA ST4, from creating the texts to generating the layout in Adobe InDesign. Processes, especially release processes, are controlled by the system. Role-based permissions ensure that tasks are assigned to the respective team. In addition, SCHEMA ST4 serves as a central repository, storing all packaging texts, images, barcodes and layouts for drug information.

Weleda is one of the leading manufacturers of medicinal products for complementary medicine and products for holistic body care. When creating their pharmaceutical product information, the company pays the utmost attention to legal requirements such as those specified by German pharmaceutical law and EU policies.

SCHEMA ST4 now makes possible the comprehensive representation of processes for and changes to packaging and allows companies to document the necessary tracking and release steps in a legally secure manner and to store in a central database all pharmaceutical and packaging information. The entire process for creating pharmaceutical product information is initiated and controlled in SCHEMA ST4, starting with text creation, via editing and release of the content, to creating the layout for the packaging, and checking and releasing the master copies for printing.

The templates and master copies for the packaging materials for various delivery forms, dosages and product sizes of medicinal products are created with the layout program Adobe InDesign® and controlled in SCHEMA ST4. In addition, SCHEMA ST4 controls the "filling" of the master copies with content and text. Thus errors can be avoided and manual text entry omitted. Released master copies for labels in packaging can now be printed online directly from the system.

"The standard solution SCHEMA ST4 already covered a number of our requirements for creating packaging and pharmaceutical product information," says Anja Walliser, project manager at Weleda AG. "SCHEMA's prior experience with other pharma companies was important. In the requirements analysis workshops we felt that we and our processes were correctly understood."

About SCHEMA – Complex documents made easy.
SCHEMA was founded in 1995 by a team of documentation and IT specialists. Headquartered in Nuremberg, SCHEMA has over 60 employees over four locations. SCHEMA’s flagship standard software product, SCHEMA ST4, is an XML-based editorial system that implements extremely efficient handling of all issues around creation, management and publication of complex and large documents. SCHEMA ST4 scales from small editing teams up to enterprise-class information logistics. The system is successfully deployed across various industries to tackle all issues around complex documents such as technical documentation, software documentation and help systems, catalogs, labelling for pharmaceutical companies, solutions for specialized publishers and contract or proposal management. SCHEMA ST4 is implemented in the Microsoft .NET Framework and can be easily deployed and integrated into modern IT environments, since it includes the full gamut of documentation related standards (XML, XSL:FO, DITA etc) and comes with a wide range of interfaces (MS Office, Adobe CS, SAP, Documentum, SharePoint). SCHEMA is proud to work together with a network of world class partners, which makes it possible to offer optimally tailored solutions for our customers.

Customers who have successfully deployed SCHEMA ST4 based solutions include ABB, Agilent, Avalog, Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bundesanzeiger Verlagsgesellschaft, Carl Zeiss, Daimler, InterComponentWare, Lindauer Dornier, Lufthansa Systems, MAN, Reifenhäuser, Schaeffler Gruppe, Siemens, Österreichische Bundesbahnen, Philips, STOLL, T-Systems, Voith, and Wolffkran, among many others.

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