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Date: 12th May 2010

Usability Testing that Overcomes Time and Resource Challenges in Busy Organizations – New from Userlytics

Bring a new level of user insight and collaborative intelligence into web and software development projects at any stage of the development cycle through a comprehensive yet easily implemented SaaS Usability Testing Service.

San Francisco – May 12th, 2010 – Userlytics Corporation today unveils its new remote usability testing service. Userlytics is the first online usability testing service that provides the rapid results, and comprehensive reporting that is required to make important development decisions in today’s exceptionally fast-paced development teams. Userlytics combines the power of online testing with the convenience of an immediately available panel of testers to get the actionable feedback needed to optimize user interfaces.

End users of software have an expanding number of choices, and user experience is an increasingly important factor for developers to understand to maintain competitive advantage. The introduction of Agile development methods has had a disruptive effect on design and usability efforts. Userlytics now provides a way to collect usability feedback at a depth and speed that keeps pace with Agile teams. The solution is fast, flexible and affordable.

Groundbreaking Test Results
No other tool provides the comprehensive results delivered by Userlytics. Completed tests include a webcam video recording of testers while they are working on their assigned task, as well as synchronized audio as they “think aloud” throughout the test. The rich navigational details include captures of their clickflow with detailed screenshots and mouse positioning, as well as time on task metrics. Testers provide specific feedback through our contextual commentary tool which anchors bubble comments to specific page locations. There are also answers to the survey type questions you may have included in your task. These details are compiled and available segmented by tester and task component or aggregated across the test, giving a 360° view of individual tester experience. Results from 5 or more independent testers increases confidence that you have uncovered actionable details, and not simply collected anecdotal information.

“With a tester goal designed to take no more than 10 minutes it is easy to review the results – in fact, it is almost like having them sitting there in your office” states Dan Richards, the Product Development Director of Userlytics. “The reports and recordings are powerful tools to get designers, developers and stakeholders to reach common understanding of user experience issues.”

Userlytics requires no site instrumentation in order to complete a test. In fact, the site or software application does not have to be functional. Userlytics works well for testing posted wireframes or low fidelity prototypes. The service requires a functioning URL, or even a wireframe / low fidelity prototype that can be hosted on our secure servers.”

Full Range of Testing
Userlytics tests are conducted remotely. Prototypes, production web sites, web-based applications and even your competitor’s offerings can all be evaluated. Building a test is a snap, even for clients who have no prior experience with usability testing. Select from a wide range of sample tasks and questions or create your own. The choice is yours.

A best practice of a minimum of 5 testers is implemented by the service, and you can select from our panel of testers, or provide your own. Tests are completed in the testers’ natural environment, at locations across the US and UK. Choosing Userlytics testers allows you to select pertinent demographics ensuring you have the correct mix of responses. However you choose your test participants, the invitations, tester incentives, and quality control are all handled by Userlytics making the process simple, quick and safe.

Initial results are often available within one to two hours, while completed tests are ready in most cases in less than 48 hours. Your personal dashboard can be viewed as the results come in, or you can wait until all the testers have completed their tasks. This quick turnaround enables you to have real user feedback in time to make critical decisions, regardless of development method or time constraints.

Web and software designers, developers and user experience professionals use Userlytics to:
* Answer architecture questions at critical junctures in development
* Validate design decisions with a geographically dispersed set of users
* Conduct RITE testing with a wide variety of users
* Share design feedback with skeptical stakeholders
* Build a case to undertake detailed research for areas of concern

Pricing and Availability
The Userlytics service is available now for English language sites.

Individual tests are available directly through for $299. Each test includes 5 completed test results which have been validated for video and audio quality. Additional testers are available for $47 per tester.
For usability consultants, online marketing agencies or development/design firms who see the Userlytics platform as a way to complement your own services, expand your geographical reach, or address specific needs we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us.

About Userlytics
Userlytics Corporation has offices in San Francisco, California and Madrid, Spain. Our team shares deep experience in usability research, remote testing and Agile methods. We actively support usability and design organizations such as the UPA and IxDA. Learn more at

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