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Date: 18th August 2010

DCombus Iris Modems Optimizing Ethernet over Copper

Design Combus Oy (DCombus) has released availability for a new Ethernet over copper product family utilizing EFM technology.

August 18 2010 - Design Combus Oy (DCombus) has released availability for a new Ethernet over copper product family utilizing EFM technology. EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile, IEEE 802.3ah) protocol set of specs are developed for optimizing access networks for Ethernet services. End-to-end Ethernet services are important both for service providers and subscribers since it’s used for main transport backbone and defining the service quality at the end user.

Nevertheless most of the xDSL equipments used nowadays in access networks still perform several protocol conversions thus wasting valuable network bandwidth. Including the added latency due to the unnecessary conversions means wasted capacity. These may mean significantly lower quality of service to subscribers e.g. with services like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and video.

Ethernet optimized service delivery including access network equipment also helps broadband service providers with the growing demand of service assurance for subscribers.

”DCombus IRIS 520 and IRIS 540 SHDSL modems using EFM mode operation guarantees the maximal Ethernet efficiency in copper access networks. This simply means better service quality for subscribers and broadband service providers”, says Markku Lindell, CEO of DCombus.

DCombus IRIS 520 and IRIS 540 are SHDSL modems using EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile, IEEE 802.3ah) copper bonding. One to four copper pairs can be bonded in one service and max bandwidth over twisted copper cable is 15/15 Mbps symmetrical per pair, resulting max 60/60 Mbps over four pairs in access networks. DCombus N5000 is a DSLAM system supporting EFM and max 32 subscribers over copper.

DCombus IRIS family SHDSL solutions are especially suitable for reliable implementation of critical broadband services. The products are used by telecom operators and internet service providers for delivering quality services for business subscribers as well as mobile network base station IP/Ethernet backhaul and other high quality Ethernet over copper services.

Design Combus Oy is an independent private company developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for Ethernet over copper broadband access services. The company is located in Tampere, Finland. More information can be found at

For further information please contact:
Markku Lindell,
Tel. +358-3-345-8822

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