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Date: 20th August 2010 and Ipsos MORI poll shows the true cost of preparing for a summer holiday

Poll reveals a wide range in prices charged across the UK, reflecting the true cost of living around the country.

20 August 2010 - has conducted a poll of its advertisers in conjunction with leading UK research company Ipsos MORI, to find the areas of the UK to get the best deals for popular local businesses and services*. The results reveal a big range in prices charged, reflecting the true cost of living around the country, especially when preparing for a summer holiday.

If you are already counting up the receipts from your long forgotten summer break, or about to go on a cheap last minute getaway before Autumn arrives;’s in-depth poll reveals that the cost of preparing for your time away doesn’t always depend on your chosen holiday destination but on where you live in the UK.

For your pre-holiday haircut before hitting the beach, the and Ipsos MORI poll found that the UK price for a basic ladies’ mid-level stylist cut, starts low at £7, rising right up to £45, with the average price being £23.64.

For your last minute ladies’ manicure during wedding season, on average the cheapest basic manicure with polish can be found in the Midlands; and the most expensive is not surprisingly to be found in the South. The UK average price for a ‘file and paint’ was found to be £18.34, with prices ranging from as little as £5 to £40.

For the men that care about their appearance when away from the day job, the UK average price of a standard cut-throat shave starts at £4.00, with the highest coming in at £35.00 and the UK average costing £12.73. Interestingly, on average, the most expensive standard cut-throat shave can be found in the Midlands, which suggests the traditional North/South price differences may not apply to men’s grooming.**

Consumer usage data from, the online Yellow Pages, shows that in the five weeks leading up to summer holiday season this year, online searches for hairdressers and beauty salons across the UK both increased by at least nine per cent in comparison with the previous five weeks. ***

If you are a pet owner but can’t take your furry friends away, you are better off in the North or Northern Ireland because they are on average, the cheapest regions for a medium-sized dog to stay at a kennel, or a cat at a cattery. The UK average daily rate price for a medium sized dog is £11.04, with some kennels starting as low as £5 and the highest at £20. The UK average daily rate for a cat’s stay at a cattery is £6.69, with prices ranging from £4.50 to £11. consumer usage data shows that searches for kennels and catteries across the UK in the five weeks before the summer holiday season rose by nine per cent, when compared to the previous five weeks. Searches in the Manchester area rose by 40 per cent and searches in Birmingham rose by 33 per cent. ***

On your return from holiday, if the kids arguing stressed you out too much – you might be in need of a relaxing massage. Surprisingly, on average, the most expensive full body massage at a beauty salon can be found in the North or Northern Ireland, with the cheapest in the Midlands. The poll revealed the lowest UK average price to be £18 and the highest at £60.

Lee Kynaston, the resident expert on all things male grooming for's beauty site said: “It’s fascinating that some people and increasingly men, worry more about their appearance on holiday than when at home or work. The typical summer in the UK may not provide much sunshine but people love getting new hairstyles and beauty treatments to help them feel ‘beach ready’.”

Nick Haworth, head of content for, said: “The data shows that holiday spending is always more than just the cost of the actual trip away – all the preparations and arrangements to be made before leaving can really add up. With people hopeful that the economy is on the road to recovery but spare cash still scarce, it underlines the importance of shopping around and doing your research before you do the pre-holiday basics such booking your dog into a kennel or having a haircut.”


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Notes to editors:

*The Ipsos MORI data is based on online interviews conducted between 10th May and 7th June 2010. 189 interviews were conducted amongst the ‘Pet Services’ sector, 123 interviews for ‘Hairdressers’ and 152 interviews for ‘Beauty Salons’. Regions grouped as follows:
- North and Northern Ireland: North East, N.I, North West, Scotland, Yorkshire and Humberside
- Midlands: East Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales
- South: Greater London, South East, South West

**N.B: the base size for this question is low and results should be interpreted with caution.

*** usage data compared the five week period 4th July – 7th August 2010, with the previous five week period, 30th May – 3rd July 2010. Based on searches for ‘hairdressers’; ‘beauty salons and consultants’; ‘dog kennels’ and ‘catteries’ and related search terms.
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