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Date: 7th December 2010

DigiPoS launches MobileShopper

New mCommerce ecosystem a first for the retail sector, the Smartphone based application runs on the Apple iPhone and will be available on Google Android and Blackberry shortly.

• Solutions provider launches MobileShopper, the first ‘truly transactional’ mobile application for retailers and their customers
• Brings mCommerce full circle – combining online shopping with the in-store experience, via the mobile phone
• In talks with a number of major retailers; plans to launch first pilot in Q1, 2011

December 7 2010 - DigiPoS, the leading hardware and solutions provider for retailers, has launched its mCommerce ecosystem, called MobileShopper. A first for the retail sector, the Smartphone based application, which presently runs on the Apple iPhone will soon be available on Google Android and Blackberry.

The MobileShopper app combines online shopping with the in-store experience, and is aimed at propelling retailers into the future; with the tagline ‘it’s so easy you won’t want to leave home without it’.

The application encompasses a full range of retail touch points, including: ecommerce, store locator, coupons, loyalty, advertising and promotions, price verification lists, in-store navigation functionality, and a facility which allows the shopper to use their mobile to shop at home using the integrated scanning tool.

For the first time, retailers are provided with a true multi-channel integration that brings together their bricks and mortar technology silos with their web/ecommerce platforms. The mobile Smartphone devices can act as touch points to reach out to customers in new ways. For example: the information they can provide relating to shopping habits will allow for targeted and timely promotions. They pose an increasingly attractive ROI, as other marketing channels begin to lose their appeal and consumer use, and they enable the retailer to differentiate themselves.

For the consumer, the phone will – in effect – become a handheld till or self -checkout device and information portal all at the same time, as well as providing queue-busting functionality. The data-driven customer will have the ability to research promotions and products, anytime, anywhere, and they will be provided with more personalised and targeted information.

Ian Patterson, managing director EMEA at DigiPoS Store Solutions, commented: “Up until now technology in retail has always been designed with the retailer in mind, making their jobs easier. Our MobileShopper app focuses on the emergence of the ‘new shopper’. I believe that the mobile phone will have the same impact on retail that the ATM once had on the banking sector. Mobile devices empower consumers to search, shop and checkout – the flexibility they offer will undoubtedly improve the overall shopping experience.”

He added: “The retail sector has touched upon elements of mCommerce for some time now, but I don’t believe that the majority of retailers have a firm strategy in place, when it comes to a true multi-channel offering. The MobileShopper application deploys a simple middleware application that acts as a catalyst between the retailer’s existing software – saving time and money, whilst protecting their existing investment.

“We are continually developing products to support our clients, and we feel confident that no other player has explored mCommerce to the extent which we have. Retailers need to see beyond tomorrow – those who don’t implement a strategy are certain to be left behind.”

DigiPoS is currently in talks with a number of major retailers, and plans to make a joint announcement on the launch of an mCommerce platform in Q1, 2011.

The app created by DigiPoS is currently available for the iPhone, and can be found at: It will be free for consumers to download, and retailers will pay £1 per download, there will also be a monthly retainer fee for the middleware gateway server application. Additional functionality is available based on the specific needs of the individual retailer.

DigiPoS is redefining technology for retailers, bringing much-needed focus, value and reliability to a competitive market. The business supports every level of the retail ecosystem, from small retail operations to the largest national and global brands.


About DigiPoS Store Solutions:
Established in the UK in 1994, DigiPoS Store Solutions has delivered it’s specifically ‘Designed for Retail’ DigiPoS hardware brand right across the retail sector.

Now operating in over 16 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, the company continues to enhance its reputation as the specialist retail solutions provider.

The group has received considerable recognition for providing cost-effective, high performance hardware and services combinations, whilst building a reputation for innovation and value. DigiPos Retail Blade, Dynamic Blade and Retail Core technologies have seen the company win numerous awards including European Retailers Supplier of the Year. Its flagship software application Retail SAAS is also set to change the way in which retailers approach application deployment.

The group now employs over 370 people and maintains an impressive profitable trading record. This has been achieved through aggressive organic growth, driven by retailer product/service demand, combined with carefully selected acquisitions. For further corporate information log onto

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