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Date: 9th December 2010

Announcing PIKLIO - the simple online solution to digital picture storage and photo creation

The most technologically advanced photo application site launches in the UK

December 9th 2010 - PIKLIO – (NBPKOSEOPR0112-EN) – is a unique, quick and easy solution for anyone who doesn’t know what to do with the hundreds and thousands of treasured and sometimes forgotten photos stored on laptops, PCs, disks, drives and phones.

PIKLIO users can store an unlimited number of photos securely without any loss of resolution quality in their own assigned virtual space and let their creativity run wild to create startling, high quality photo albums, posters, framed pictures, greetings cards, calendars and all manner of other photo products that are not only desirable to own but also make original and inspiring gifts.

This easy and fun to use internet application requires no software download - everything stays online. And no technical expertise is required – all the work is done by this intuitive and user-friendly application.

It’s that simple to create stunning, professional photo products as good as anything you’ll find on bookstore shelves and card shops. All PIKLIO products are produced using top end materials, and tight production quality controls ensure customer satisfaction with the final result. And it’s fast - delivery is guaranteed within 10 business days of placing an order– it’s that quick and efficient.

PIKLIO users have access to a wealth of royalty free stock images in the PIKLIO Gallery that they can use to further enhance their projects with professionally taken photos. They can also browse the PIKLIO Public Gallery for inspiration or even to purchase the works of other PIKLIO visitors including leading professional photographers.

Sharing is an integral part of the application and PIKLIO users can display and publish their projects to the wider PIKLIO audience or simply make viewing available to friends and family only. There’s also the opportunity to test interest in photographs and offer them for sale.

About PIKLIO :

is a unique, easy to use online application for the creation of exceptional high quality personal photo products to a professional standard unrivalled in Europe. Customers can securely store their images in an assigned space accessible anytime on the net and use them, without any loss of original resolution size, in imaginative projects to produce quality items for themselves or as unique gifts including photo-books, calendars and posters. Professional, royalty free images found in the PIKLIO Gallery can also be used to enhance stunning and personal items. PIKLIO guarantees exceptional production quality and items are manufactured using top grade materials to ensure colours do not fade. All deliveries of finished items are guaranteed for delivery within 10 days of order. PIKLIO also presents the opportunity for users to view and buy PIKLIO projects created by others including leading professional photographers. It also provides a platform to display, share or even sell works and photos to a wider audience or simply make them available to friends only.

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