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Date: 10th December 2010

Introducing The facebook recruitment tool!

Announcing the launch of a customizable Careers Jobs app for companies’ Facebook pages

December 10th 2010 - We’re getting increasingly (some would say sadly / geekily / overly) excited by the impending launch of our new facebook recruitment application as we think it will rock the world of employers that use it. So we’ll try not to get to carried away and we promise to be short, sharp & avoid the BS.

What is
*A customizable Careers / Jobs app for companies’ Facebook pages.

How does it work?
We’ve mixed a dollop of knowledge (as we’ve built jobsites before), with a glug of midnight oil (a big, big glug as it happens), and a pinch of creativity to create what we think is the most relevant / useful / effective facebook recruiting tool on the market.

With employers can (as standard):
- Advertise jobs directly on their Facebook Pages
- Broadcast jobs to Twitter, LinkedIn & more
- Easily engage candidate referrals incl. ability to leverage contacts in Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more.
- Customise their Jobs page name
- Bulk import jobs: so whether it’s 1 or 1000 or jobs they can import them automatically using an XML / JSON feed.
- Maintain their current work processes as we integrate with the leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s).

PLUS: all annual plans include facebook ad credits to drive targeted potential employees to each job listing.

Why are we launching?
1. Social recruiting is the future (if in doubt on this the numbers don’t lie i.e. it's hard to argue posting a job on a site with 500milion+ members is a great place to start)
2. As the war for talent heats up again tools like that help attract the passive job seeker (estimated at 84% by the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Bureau of Labor Statistics) will become even more critical.
3. The current solutions are good but one dimensional (and we can be so much better).

When does it go live?
Beta launch = 12pm 10/12/10 (because we like the cadence of 12-10-12-10)

Brief Background:

Useful Quotes:
“As a fast growing company we need a recruitment tool that’s quick, simple & reaches a critical mass of potential employees. With automatic job imports, employee referrals using twitter, LinkedIn etc, & some free advertising thrown in has achieved this & more!”
Sam Barnett – CEO of

“By building a full featured JobBoard into Facebook we’re aiming to drive social recruiting into the mainstream. With employers can use their Facebook presence to recruit potential employees who are engaged with their company & their brand. And starting at £0/mth at a cost that’s almost unbeatable”
Paul Duggan – Founder

What we want:
* Brands to use their Facebook Fan pages more effectively
* To give you the first taste & ask that if you like the app that you tell a friend, fiend or follower (or even better multiples thereof).
* Feedback – our test customers love it (as highlighted above) but a broader feedback loop would be amazing (as would ensure we’re not all drnking the same the kool-aid).

We are:
Based in London (with frequent visits to San Fran)
* Privately funded, a little geeky, and not afraid of big challenges.
* Honest, talented (or we like to think we are), consistently juggling (read: overworked), and perhaps more than anything excited to be delivering something that we think is interesting & useful.

Media Contact:
Paul Duggan

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